Ophitara Three Cascade Waterfall


Ophitara three cascade water wall is located near the Kutaisi - Tskaltubo - Tsageri - Lentekhi - Lasdili highway, after the village of Ghvedi. We first discovered this beauty back at the end of September 2023, returning from Ushguli via Lentekhi road.  Made a quick stop here to take a few drone photos and stretch our legs. We were accompanied by a few friendly stray dogs. On-site, there are picnic tables available.  It seems that there are dozens of such waterfalls in the Western part of…

Alpana Waterfall


Alpana waterfall is a small waterfall along the Alpana - Tsageri road in the Racha - Lechkhumi region of Georgia.  I was taken here by our driver we ordered back in Ambrolauri, just shortly after visiting Sairme pillars during our weekend trip to Racha back in October 2022 Seems there is a little pool where some could go for a nice refreshments in a hot Summer day Quite pictursque place. worth to spend some 5 minutes here.

Sikvaruli Waterfall in Racha


The Sikvaruli waterfall (Waterfall of love) is located in Racha, near the town of Ambrolauri, Georgia The waterfall flows on the mossy rocky massive and creates marvelous sight. Waterflow is located across the Rioni River. We discovered this place by a chance - when our Rachan driver Levan, showed this place as one of the top sights around Ambrolauri. Indeed the waterfall is quite impressive and looks double interesting because of the many colors around it - greed, red, blue. But it also…

Kinchkha Waterfall in Georgia


Kinchkha Waterfall is located in Georgia near the village of Kinchkha, some 300km away or 4h 30m drive from Tbilisi / or about 55km 1h20m drive from Kutaisi. The waterfall is located in the river gorge of Okatse (Satsikvilo) at 843 meters above sea level.  We first visited Kinchkha waterfall at the start of September 2021, despite I had heard about this magnificent place many many times before.  The waterfall is clearly visible from the roadside, but if you want actually get down to it, there…

Gveleti Small Waterfalls


Gveleti waterfalls are located in the region of  Kazbegi region near the small village Gveleti. Outdoor lovers and hikers will enjoy this little waterfall a lot . I first discovered this place at the end of July 2021, during a weekend trip to Kazbegi. As we were driving with a 4x4 SUV car, we drove most of the unpaved road to the waterfall and left our car parked some 30-minute walk from the waterfall.   The path to the waterfall starts from the semi-abandoned village Gveleti. You will go…

Abava Rumba Waterfall


Abava Rumba is the second widest waterfall in Latvia (after Venta Rumba) ,up to 1 m high and 35 m wide. I had a chance to visit it and spend some hour in lovely photography session at the end of May 2017, just after our Germany trip in the Mossel Valley. There is a camping area located just next to the rapid.  Abava Rumba in Latvia I find such places tranquil and quite inspiring for my photography.  Hiking trek near Abava Rumba As an active outdoors fan I could resist to go deep in the…

Makhuntseti Waterfall


I was more than sure that the name of this waterfall in Keda municipality (region of Adjara) is Queen Tamar Waterfall, and was surprised latter to learn official name is Makhuntseti Waterfall. No matter of the name, it is just second waterfall I have discovered in Georgia (the other been located behind Tbilisi sulphur baths in Abanotubani district). Waterfalls and water are great for photography. It was in the morning, we left hotel Sputnik in Batumi (in last evening I arranged a taxi driver…

The Venta Waterfall (Rapid) - Widest In Europe


The Venta rapid forms a widest waterfall in Europe. It's located very close to Kuldīga town centre in Latvia. See: Flying Fish over Venta Rapid in Kuldīga I took my DSLR camera and decided to master my photography skills, couldn't say it improved drastic, but here is the thing I was told by a good friend a professional photographer:  If I may say try and get lower angles on the waterfall. Popular idea is to stand in the water if its shallow and not too cold. And if you don't mind to get…