UAE Resident: Why Migrate to Georgia

This is a guest post by Mrs. Fatima Ali, reader of this blog, who contacted me about possible migration from UAE to Georgia.

As lately I've been receiving several such questions and mostly from UAE, after giving some basic advice, I asked Fatima Ali, could she come up with a short article in a free flow on topic - Why Georgia?

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With the permission of Mrs. Fatima Ali and little re-editing I publish her honest answer bellow:

As a resident of the UAE vacationing in Georgia and either you've spent a few days or weeks there you cant deny the instant realization you get from the moment you walk out the airport that this country is indeed completely different.

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Dubai - a city of so many charms, might seem like the dream, but realistically speaking, and mainly because of the location the weather is its greatest con. Georgia, on the other hand, is the country of a full circle of the 4 seasons available throughout the year.

Beautiful breath taking scenery puts your soul at instant ease,  and if you're someone like me that comes from a big, fast paced city, like Abu Dhabi (the capital of the UAE) you would probably fall in love with the slow paced life style Tbilisi city and Georgia got to offer .

Tbilisi with its architecture, you can get a sense of minimalist medieval Europe without the big city vibe creeping in so much.

The Georgian people are the most genuine kind people I've ever met during my travels and it could be the similar strong family relations and religious bond that got us to get so well together.

In conclusion I would defiantly recommend this country as a travel destination

With the average salary of  UAE resident being $3,083 and the country offering so many affordable packages for tourists you sure wont be disappointed not to mention if your a UAE resident you don't require a visa to visit Georgia.

However if you were to relocate permanently the life style you could acquire with the average salary in Georgia being $365 it would fall short .

If your still thinking of relocating then keep in my mind that the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai isn't something an everyday working class individual in Georgia can afford, so be prepared to leave those expectations behind and enjoy the simplicity and the clear air of Georgia

Now, how about you? Have you thought to relocate to Georgia? If so, what motivates you? Leave a comment, readers and me would love to hear!