Welcome to another review of another great Tbilisi Restaurant. Today I'll share my thoughts of one of the hidden treasures I discovered just yesterday - Zakhar Zakharich restaurant.

For a prelude: I'm an expat living in Georgia (Tbilisi). You can find some articles covering topic Living in Georgia. I'm huge lover of restaurants and coffee shops, and Living in Georgia I have came even a bigger fan of eating outside the home. 

Since I'm eating out pretty regular - there are my favourite places, then there are places, that once was my favourite places, and then there are places better to avoid. 

I'm willing to make an description of them and to photograph the food I have tasted on those places.

Please note, this is just my subjective opinion.  For taking photographs I'm using my Samsung phone and using Instagram (then taking them from Instagram and adding to posts - you can read a blog post on how I turned my Instagram account into a photo blog

Now - Zakhar Zakharich restaurant is located just right next to Dry Bridge on the Right bank (please see map at the end of this post, for more detailed location). 

I must agree I feel a little ashamed - I didn't know of such excellent restaurant in Tbilisi before and this was my first time visiting it.

Entrance doors at Zakhar Zakharich restaurant in Tbilisi

At start I was pretty sceptical of this place, because of - there were no happy customers, there were no customers at all at time we opened it's front door.

Empty hall at Zakhar Zakharcih

So after approaching bar counter to look for some waitress, we decided to play safe and order just a few items.

Bar counter at Zakhar Zakharich

Menu at Zakhar Zakharich

7 khinkali with chopped meat, 3 khinkali with potatoes, vareniki and Kubdari - nothing much, but for a test pretty good. In fact there are not many places I know about were you could get vareniki in Tbilisi.

Painting at Zakhar Zakharich

While our food was prepared I tried to make some instagrams of interior - made just this (see above)

Clay plates at Zakhar Zakharich

Finally our ordered food was served

Kubdari at Zakhar Zakharich

This was kinda interesting experience - usually kubdari is made from chopped meat while khinkali from minced meat. At Zakhar Zakharich Kubdari was made from minced meat, while khinkali from chopped meat. I must agree - first bites from this Kubdari was excellent, but latter it didn't tasted so great (I do not preffer minced meat)

Khinkali at Zakhar Zakharich

Honestly speaking - I'm not a huge fan of khinkali, reason usually they are made from minced meat. But those at Zakhar Zakharich made from chopped meat, made me realize khinkali are damned tasty (if prepared right)

Khinkali filled with potatoes

Vareniki at Zakhar Zakharich restaurant

Thoug Vareniki is more pan-Slavic meal than Georgian, they tastes great especially with sour cream

While I was capturing these delicious meals, it turned out empty hall at Zakhar Zakharich is not anymore empty

Folks gathering at Zakhar Zakharich

In conclusion

Our overall bill at Zakhar Zakharich was around 34 GEL (for a large Kubdari, chopped khinkali, khinkali with potatoes filling, vareniki, some Turksih coffee and soda. It might sound a bit pricey if compared to other Tbilisi places, but I assure you every tetri was worth of it - because of food was really qualitative.

Can I recommend this place? Definitely, go visit it!

Location & Map
Zakhar Zakharich Tbilisi 3 Right Bank Mshrali Bridge Tbilisi Georgia
Coordinates: 41.700519 44.802853