Beam Replacement for Old house - Building Bathroom from Scratch - Part 2

Updated: 15 August, 2016 seen 112

Here comes another update on home remodeling works - building a bathroom from scratch. After I successfully concreted stone wall it was time to install new beams. For this side of house we did not had any beams installed (ok, they were, but they were rotted, as the roof was leaky, see how we changed a roof)

A while ago I ordered beams at local sawmill (beams are 20cm X 20cm) and about 4 meter long. Today I called to the father and son (these guys are helping me out this year), and it was the matter of chainsaw, chisel and a little bit of math. Some stamina was required as well to lift those beams up.

Installing beams

I didn't experimented with light paint photography today, so please forgive bad quality of photography. Want to see light painted loft photography with the same scene (same guys), see how we took old chimney down.

Father working with a chisel

Beams installed

I will need to strengthen them soon, as it's planed remove those walls and put the weight of roof on those beams using support beams attached from ground. More on that in future home remodeling posts.