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Temporary Window For Bathroom

March 19, 2017
This year's (2016) home remodeling works are coming to the end, though one problem were left - a window for bathroom.  As just outer constructions of walls were performed, and there are still a lot to do inside, before having actual working bathroom, I was left with two options, either purchase an used plastic...

Demolishing Inner Walls To Build AAC Block Walls

March 07, 2017
In today's home remodeling series a story how I continued to build a bathroom and how we demolished an inner wall to later rebuild it from scratch, again with aac blocks. Let's start with what we got: Wall to be demolished All major tasks for this Summer (2016) have been done, what's left - to rebuild two...

Preparation Works For Bathroom - Breaking Ceiling, Demolish A Wall, Pouring Foundation

March 05, 2017
Ok, it took a long, but here I'm returning to the building bathroom from scratch works Here is what we are going to do today: At first we will need to break ceilings or floor at the loft, then we will remove existing inner wall and then we will pour in foundation. Following works were actually carried out...

Lintel Installation & First Coffee Break

January 15, 2017
If you have been following my blog and in particular home remodeling series you are already familiar with our construction works at our rural country house we started back in 2015.  In the Summer 2016 we started another major reconstruction project - demolished old log walls for bricklaying new aerated...

Another Day, Another Wall

January 12, 2017
Today was another lovely day to excel a little bit as a constructor. Today we continued to construct walls from aac blocks. It's fun, easy, like everyone could do this. As long as you keep it all leveled. See part 1 Remove a Wall to Finish Foundation Concreting and part 2 Constructing Wall From AAC...

Constructing Wall From AAC blocks + Finishing Foundation Concreting Works for Bathroom

January 09, 2017
In today's home remodeling series we are continuing to build bathroom from scratch. The other day we removed walls and finished foundation concreting works for one part of house, today we re going to start construct first wall and finish foundation works for another wall, yes still some wall demolition works...

Remove a Wall to Finish Foundation Concreting

January 06, 2017
Some build home by pouring in foundation first, we started by replacing roof, removing walls and then pouring in foundation. Sounds intrigue? Continue reading to learn more. In today's home remodeling series a day when we removed first wall and finished pouring in concrete for foundation for our upcoming bathroom....

Digging a trench around existing foundation - Building a bathroom from scratch - part 4

August 29, 2016
Here comes another update on building a bathroom from scratch series in project home remodeling. The thing is - the house we got didn't pamper us a lot, and so for example I had to install new supporting beams, not to speak about changing a roof, prior to before ever dreaming about having a bathroom. OK, I had a...

Beam Strengthening on Stone Wall - Building Bathroom from Scratch - Part 3

August 26, 2016
The never ending story with my adventures on home remodeling and building a bathroom continues. In todays part 3 I will tell you a brief photo story how I strengthened a beam on the stone wall. See part 1 and learn more how I actually concreted this stone wall, while in part 2 see how we actually installed first...

Beam Replacement for Old house - Building Bathroom from Scratch - Part 2

August 15, 2016
Here comes another update on home remodeling works - building a bathroom from scratch. After I successfully concreted stone wall it was time to install new beams. For this side of house we did not had any beams installed (ok, they were, but they were rotted, as the roof was leaky, see how we changed a roof) A...

Stone Wall Concreting - Building a Bathroom from Scratch (Part 1)

July 26, 2016
It has been a little bit more than a year, since we started to manage and rebuild our rural country house. For the first year we had no water here. Few days ago we drilled a bore hole, and one of the next major tasks is to build a bathroom. Again, it will take a lot of time and a lot of investment. Bathroom will be...