Blog Income: 63% YoY Increase in Google AdSense Revenue

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Learn how I increased revenue from Google AdSense by 63% Year over Year and how you could too. 

For a prelude: I have been using Google AdSense for already seven and a half years by now, from whom first four and a half years have generated a really modest sum of EUR 100 from many low traffic and let's be totally honest - thin content websites (I had installed AdSense ad units on dozens of sites).

Earnings from Google AdSense 2009-2016

Earnings from Google AdSense 2009-2016

By accessing my Google AdSense reports today (02/26/2017) I noticed that my lifetime revenue from this channel has reached EUR 1305.68 for a time period Sep 4, 2009 - Feb 26, 2017. It is for a seven and a half years. Nothing much, right?  About EUR 174 per year, on the other hand the real increase have started from 2014.

How I Made $1,000 with Google AdSense in 7 years

If compared year over year, during the past year, it has been a whooping 63% increase. 

There was a time when I took a pause from any attempts to build new or maintain existing low value websites for about two years, as they just didn't generated income at all, but took way more time and efforts to maintain them..It's clearly visible on above graph for time period 2012-2013.

At the end of 2013 (October)I decided to start fresh (after my second Summer long trip to US I had a feeling I need to launch a blog to share my travel notes, ideas, findings e.t.c.) - and launched this blog (you currently are reading it).

For the first three months I didn't installed any ad units here, but at the start of the New Year of 2014 ad units were back. In my first month of monetizing this blog I earned whooping eight dollars, and I already felt I'm on the right track. Right now, earnings from AdSense are still relatively low, making about EUR 2 per day. I see a great potential here to grow.

So, where is the magic?

There is no magic (at least for me) - not a black/white hat SEO, just a continuously everyday blogging for more than three years already. I'm not doing keyword research, and not using any other third-party tools to check competitor or whatsoever data. I'm just blogging, and the traffic is rolling in and earnings from Google AdSense are increasing year after year. I'm blogging on many different topics, most of the articles published in this blog probably aren't earning a dime, while some are performing very good. Yup, I understand a little keyword research wouldn't do any harm and might probably help me to double revenue from Google AdSense, but I'm still not focusing on technical details, instead on content.