Blog statistics November 2013

Updated: 1 July, 2014 seen 863

Second month, since I started this blog has passed away. As started on November, I'm sharing results of my blog statistics in month of November.

Top 10 posts according to Google Analytics:

In month of November I have attracted 50 unique visitors to my site, which I think is very bad result. In October I attracted just 39, but that was first month of bloging, and even so, I started not on 1st October, but on 10th of October. Number of 50 unique visitors for site in 30 days is really, really bad result. I'm not even talking about some static site, where content has been outdated for many years - I'm talking about blog, which posts everyday some article. On the other hand, I haven't used much social sharing, just some twitter. Anyway in previous post about blog statistics I forecasted that this month I'm willing to see 150-200 unique users this month. I did just 33% of my expectations.
What else, I can add to this. My forecast for month of December? Right. If things are going to continue to be so bad - I'll make the forecast that in month of December there should be 100 unique users. Well that's the minimum. 



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