For many hearing a name of Natakhtari first associations might be related to those tasty Georgian lemonades branded under 'Natakhtari' name. Well, turns out Natakhtari actually is village located in Georgia's region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, pretty close to nations capital Tbilisi. This village is advanced enough to have pretty sold restaurants located here, and today I will wrote about one of them - Chashnagiri Restaurant.

This restaurant was recommended by a friend of mine, and recently by doing together a short Jvari monastery - Château Mukhrani tour (Be sure to check those posts and learn how with help of friend of mine I tried to became a better photographer) we decided to head here to have a meal.

Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant view from Gudauri - Pasanauri highway

You can park your car in front of this restaurant

Opposite side of Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

I was pretty eagger to test my brand new DSLR camera and I couldn't resist to photograph this fog

Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

They have a nice patio / outdoor terrace here, best enjoyed in summertime

Table at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Pretty typical interior for typical Georgian cuisine restaurant

Tap beer at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Interior at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Again, just playing with camera

Cosy fireplace at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Keeps you warm in rainy or cold Spring/Autumn/Winter days

Menu at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Menu is available in Georgian, English and Russian languages, price are a bit lower compared than those in Tbilisi

Turkish coffee at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

My standard "welcome drink" at Georgian restaurants

Chicken salad at Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Tomato and Cucumber Chashnagiri Natakhtari restaurant

Puri - a typical Georgian bread

Lobiani - Hachapuri with beans

Fried Chicken livers

Nadugi - typical for Georgian cuisine

One of mine fauvorite Georgian starters / appetizers. Nadugi is kinda cottage cheese with mint wrapped into thin sulguni cheese plate.

Hachapuri on spit

Another version of Georgian hachapuri filled with sulguni cheese. My favourite; if beacon is added.

Chicken barbecue accompanied with pomegranate sauce

Pork barbecue served with sliced onions

The Bottom Line

This restaurant which name is really hard to pronounce for foreigners is really good, food is tasty, stuff here speaks Georgian, English and Russian. Prices here are really good - a little bit lower than in Tbilisi restaurants. Fol all above seen food we paid around 90 GEL ($40.00 / EUR 36.50)

If you are nearby - please stop by and have a delicious meal in this spacious Georgian cuisine restaurant.

Location & Map
Turn of Gudauri-Pasanauri highway Georgia
Coordinates: 41.928344 44.732777