Day trip to Sighnaghi and Back

Updated: 18 January, 2022 seen 488

Day trips to Sighnaghi (or any other destination in the region of Kakheti, Georgia) are quite possible, in the past, I have already covered few routes to consider, like Day Trip to Kakheti in Georgia or Day trip to David Gareji monastery complex and Sighnaghi

In today's article, I'll share our route details and discoveries from the latest day trip to Sighnaghi on January 12, 2019 (it was my name day according to Latvian calendar). 

For longer travels to the region of Kakheti, consider: Best Hotels & Guesthouses in Sighnaghi, Georgia or Weekend trip to Telavi (Georgia) and Vicinity

We started this route at around 9 AM, left our apt in Tbilisi in our almost brand new VW Tuareg car, we bought a couple of weeks ago (Rustavi Auto Market (Buying a Car in Georgia)). First stop was Carrefour store located in East Point shopping mall, just to buy some food.

The road to Sighnaghi from Tbilisi takes little more than an hour, before actually driving inside the Sighnaghi town, there is a lovely Bodbe monastery located. After a short stop at the Bodbe monastery,  we drive to Sighnaghi.

We didn't actually spend a lot of time in Sighnaghi and left it after made little driving through the city. We drive back to Tbilisi and discovered some really cools sights on our way, like Chailuri fortress and what really impressed me - the Ninotsminda monastery complex.



East Point Shopping Mall in Tbilisi

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Bodbe Monastery

The Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe is a Georgian Orthodox monastic complex and the seat of the Bishops of Bodbe located 2 km from the town of Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Georgia. Originally built in the 9th century, it has been significantly…

Postcards From Sighnaghi

Signhaghi (Region of Kakheti, Republic of Georgia) has always been a special place for us to visit. Probably because it's pretty far away from nations capital Tbilisi, we have been heading rarely, but every visit here has been spectacular…

Chailuri Fortress

Chailuri fortress is located between Manavi and Kakabeti villages in the region of Kakheti (or about one hour drive from Tbilisi towards Sighnaghi) on a hill right next to the Kakheti highway. Fortress is a small pentagonal citadel with…

Ninotsminda Cathedral

Ninotsminda Cathedral is located in the Ninotsminda village near Sagarejo, in the Kakheti region, Georgia. Ninotsminda Cathedral is highly significant to the development of Georgian architecture as constructed in AD 575 it predates Jvari…