Expats in Georgia (Facebook group)

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I have been living in Georgia since 2011. During my time here I have been exploring the country, as an Indie traveler, crosswise from the pebbled seashore beaches near Batumi to the desert sand in David Gareji, and have gathered a great collection of my travel notes all across Georgia

Also, I have been contacted zillions of times online asking Georgia-related questions, starting with how to get a residence permit and ending - is there snow in July in Georgia? (Yes, there is, somewhere atop mount Kazbek)  

I've decided to launch a separate Facebook group aimed for ex-pats living in Georgia. In this group, we are going to discuss schools and pre-schools, business-related questions, good services, ask for advice, and more

If you are an Expat in Georgia, or just looking to relocate here, feel free to join here: Expats in Georgia (Country)

This group has been launched at the start of September 2020, two years latter group unites already 1,000 members