Net Worth Reached $10,000

Updated: 15 October, 2017 seen 582

On October 13, 2017, my net worth for the first time reached $10,000 Milestone. It was just 10 months after I started my million dollar journey and I was 32 years old.

To celebrate this little victory I've decided to wrap up a brief article for the history.

It doesn't come as a surprise, as I have been preparing to reach $10,000 milestone this year, just I thought it will happen most probably after a month. But rising Bitcoin price and great performing Baltic stock market gave a nice boost to the total value of the portfolio, on this October 13 Friday night.

On the overall I've exceeded my initial plan for this year's investments - originally I planned to deposit $8,561 this year in several batches. There are still 2 months left before the end of this year and I've already invested $9,640.67.

Net worth $10,000

Net worth $10,000

Month after month I keep adding money to my portfolio. In 2017 I was investing in - peer to peer lending, mutual funds, stocks, crypto-currencies, and cash. Starting with the May 2017, I provide monthly dividend income report coverings earnings and happenings on a monthly basis. 

So far, portfolio has been performing good, giving about 3.78% value growth (year to the date)

Portfolio structure reaching $10,000 Net Worth

Portfolio structure reaching $10,000 Net Worth

Here is the breakdown by positions:

  • Peer to peer lending: -2.42%
  • Stocks: +4.11%
  • Mutual funds: +5.53%
  • Crypto investments: +30.29%

Also, the portfolio has produced dividend income of $389.51, giving a dividend yield at 4.04%

If counted together both value growth and dividend yield, I can proudly report about 7% annual growth rate. These numbers will of course change in the next 2 months, but right now reaching $10,000 net worth I feel very inspired and thankful that this New Years resolution, to save and invest, has produced first results.

If things will continue to be so bright in the future, I could reach a total net worth of $25,000 by the end of 2018, being 33 years old.

The Bottom Line

$10,000 is exactly 1% from my plan to reach net worth value of 1 million dollars by 2045. As there are just 28 years left to 2045, investing just 1% yearly probably won't get me there.

If I could manage to save constantly $10,000 each year for the next 28 years, I might end with $300,000 invested (just 1/3) from my plan.

On the other hand, I'm a strong advocate of compound interest, and I believe that in the long term, the total value could grow.

I should work harder to put more money invested on a yearly basis. As for this year, I'm investing about 31% from my monthly earnings, for the next year I've already decided to invest 42% from monthly earnings.

Also, as this is just the first year from my investments, and I've exceeded my initial plan for this year already I feel glad and satisfied with results so far.