Restaurant reviews

Since I'm living in the lovely Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus, you will find a lot of Tbilisi restaurants reviewed here. Alternatively, you should check out my food blogger posts on preparing food at home.

Funicular Restaurant Complex


High above Tbilisi you will find the most stylish centre for food and drink in the city: the Funicular Restaurant Complex. Without doubt, the Funicular Complex is one of the most important places in Tbilisi, with its significant long history dating back to 1905. I have been visiting this place on rare occasions, during trip to Mtatsminda mountain.  My first visit here, probably was back in 2014, during Latvia - Georgia business forum. Nowadays, Funicular Restaurant complex has become one of…

Cafe Gardeni Tbilisi


Cafe Gardeni is located on D. Aghmanashebeli street in Tbilisi, just behind the Bank of Georgia building. I have been coming to this place for years just to enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee. Over the years I have learned here are served great homemade dumplings, tasty ice cream and more.  The owner of this place is a very intellectual Armenian man KamoJan, we have been exchanging views over foreign policy, internal happenings and of course KamoJan knows all the best Armenian jokes.  Cafe…

Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis / Jura Staļļi / Grobiņa


Cafe Ivetas Ķēķis (Iveta's Kitchen) is located in Grobiņa municipality, some 10km from Liepāja, this cafe/restaurant actually is part of another cool attraction Jura Staļļi (George's Stables). From my understanding, it's a family run business.  It was already past 20:00 and we left Liepāja a little bit hungry and decided to take some quick stop at Caffe Lielā Pietura, but the place was already closed, and we decided to give it a try for Jura Staļļi (as we had heard some good words before about…

Red Sun Buffet Liepāja


Red Sun Buffet is a stylish cafe/restaurant located in the heart of Liepāja town. Visited it briefly in the mid-August 2018, just to take some coffee take away. Interior at Red Sun Buffet Featuring elements Latvians are proud of - Brainstorm, Kristaps Porzingis (NY Knicks) and Intars Busulis. Heh Interior at Red Sun Buffet Somehow I already feel bored from black blackboards and white texts. Though cafe late ordered here was delicious.

Pica Diāna - Pizzeria in Ventspils


Pizza Diana probably is the most popular pizzeria in Ventspils. This Pizzeria offers more than 25 types of pizzas and various second dishes at very friendly prices. Located on J.Poruka street in an old 5-story Soviet apartment house, the pizzeria is pretty close to the city center. Pica Diāna in Ventspils Despite you cannot compare this pizzeria with the famous Armenia Tashir Pizza - one thing is common, both pizzerias have very similar outdoor terraces. See: Tashir Pizza (On Mashtots…

Rāmkalni restaurant near Murjāņi


Rāmkalni is a popular recreational area near Murjāņi (some 60km from Riga), this place features a traditional Latvian Cusine restaurant/bistro The venue is on the edge of the Murjāņi-Valka road (A3) and in the Gauja River Valley. It offers Latvian and Western European cuisine, as well as a shop at which you can buy local goodies and homemade treats. An active leisure park is alongside the restaurant. Goodies at Rāmkalni Typical Latvian cuisine Interior at Rāmkalni​

Mazais Ansis Restaurant Near Valmiera


Mazais Ansis is a popular roadside cafeteria/restaurant located some 15 km from Valmiera town (if driving from Riga). This place serves a traditional Latvian cuisine. When traveling to the Vidzeme region in Latvia, I love to take a stop here and have a lunch. Here comes my latest review back from Summer 2017. The outdoor terrace at Mazais Ansis Seems that at the nearby lake there are some water attractions available Interior at Mazais Ansis Classical Latvian decors with modern touch…

La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Near Rethymno


And again I must say - strange how it works - I almost missed coordinates for this place but with a little investigation from pictures and help with Greek transliteration and even Greek car plate registration table I was able to locate this place finally on the map. Meet La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Near Rethymno Discovered during our latest trip to the island of Crete back in Summer 2017 ​ Beach near La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri ​ Palms near La Playa Taverna Cafe Ouzeri Beautiful…

Restaurant Istabas In Talsi Review


Restaurant Istabas in Talsi is among the best restaurants I've tried in Latvia lately, located on Liela street 31 in Talsi city, the restaurant offers great views of Lake Talsi . Istabas restaurant serves great European/American cuisine. First visited back in the Summer of 2017, since then have returned here for a couple of times. Restaurant Istabas in Talsi Located in a three-storey building, seems there is a hotel available as well.  Lovely patio (during Summers) Salmon tartar Well…

Pesto Cafe Review in Kiev


Pesto Cafe is a popular restaurant chain located in Kiev, Ukraine. We visited branch located near the Independence square (located inside the shopping mall Globuss). Actually, that was the closest restaurant from our hotel room at Hotel Ukraine, Pesto cafe serves classic Italian cuisine for pretty affordable prices. View towards Independence square from Pesto Cafe Bruschetta at Pesto Cafe Salads