Day trip To Tsalka and nearby Villages

April 28, 2019
Originally it was planned as a two day trip to Ninotsminda in the region of Samtskhe-Javakheti.  For the first day, it was planned to make stops at Tsalka reservoir, Paravani lake with an overnight in Ninotsminda.  For the second day, there were plans to visit nearby Russian Doukhobor villages of...

Tsalka Lake / Water reservoir

April 14, 2019
Tsalka reservoir - is the largest water reservoir in Georgia,  located in the Tsalka municipality, some 100 km from Tbilisi, at 1506 meters above the sea level in the valley of Khrami river. The total area for Tsalka reservoir is 33.7 kmĀ²,  Maximum depth - 25m, while the...

Mount Arejvani

April 07, 2019
Mount Arjevani is located in the central part of Georgia, some 70 km west of the Tbilisi. The top of Mount Arjevani is 2,757 meters above sea level or 779 meters above the surrounding terrain. The width at the base is 24.5 km. The terrain around Mount Arjevani is mainly hilly. Mount...