Tsalka Lake / Water reservoir

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Tsalka reservoir - is the largest water reservoir in Georgia,  located in the Tsalka municipality, some 100 km from Tbilisi, at 1506 meters above the sea level in the valley of Khrami river.

The total area for Tsalka reservoir is 33.7 km²,  Maximum depth - 25m, while the average depth of 9,3 m. Reservoir stretches from the west to the east. 

Tsalka reservoir

Tsalka reservoir in winter

Made this photo January 19, 2019, while doing a trip to Ninotsminda

Tsalka reservoir was made in 1946  for energy purposes (Hydropower plants Khrami 1 and Khrami 2). Water accumulation starts in April and lasts until July, 

The level is intensively decreasing since November when the power plants are operating at full capacity. The average annual amplitude of water level is 891 cm . 

Water is the coldest in February (0,2 ° C), warm in August (18.7 ° C). From December till the end of March there are ice caps, ice shelves and so forth.

The average duration of icy events is 82 days. The thickness of the iceberg sometimes reaches 80 cm in February. Fish craft is developed. The town of Tsalka is built along the coast, while the villages are in the vicinity. 

Tsalka reservoir

Tsalka reservoir

Abandoned houses in Tsalka with mount Arejvani in the background

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