January is almost at the end and it's time to look back on the previous year of blogging (2019), and no doubts -  take a quick glimpse of 2020

In today's article, I will reveal data behind the blog scenes - both traffic and income for the whole year of 2019. But before we dig into the numbers, here is the brief background - blog now is more than six years old, and for the last six years it has gone a very long way,

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About blog traffic in 2019

  • In total blog have reached 989,568 (almost a million) users in 2019
  • On average it is 82,464 monthly users or
  • 2,711 daily visitors

Blog traffic report 2019 (monthly view). Data source: Google Analytics

Blog traffic report 2019 (monthly view). Data source: Google Analytics

If compared to 2018, there is actually an 18.39% decrease in terms of traffic. Around June 2019 traffic coming from Google search dropped by some 30%. It has never recovered ever since. I hope to get back on the track in 2020

Top 10 most popular articles

In total, I have written 347 articles in 2019, on average 0.95 articles per day. After the blog's sixth birthday I decided to stop writing an article per day, which I was doing for six years in a row, missing only two days back in 2014. After October's anniversary, I decided to limit my writing to 6 articles per week.   And I plan to limit it down to 5 articles per week in 2020 or 2021.

Top 10 articles (according to Google Analytics) generated 29.17% from total page views on the blog. It's interesting to note that 4 out of 10 top articles were actually amp page versions taking 10.34% from total page views. Quite impressive stats.

In total there were 22 articles written in 2019 which got more than 1,000 page views. 

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Only 2 out of 10 top articles were written in 2019. On the other hand that's the power of massive archive. 

About Blog Income 2019

Combined income streams from affiliate marketing and display ads in 2019 made  $19,988.47, which is a small decrease if compared to 2018

  • $19,988.47 is around $1,665 per month or
  • $54.76 per day

Combined RPM from all revenue channels stands at $14.47  in 2019. Which actually is a 2.9 dollar increase for every 1000 page views if compared to the previous year. Awesome. Despite the drop in traffic I still managed to earn more dollars per visitor. I almost reached my goal of getting over RPM $15

In 2019 I should figure how to get back at the $15 RPM levels at least. 

Now, that a good goal for 2020, speaking of what:

Goals / Forecasts for 2020

As usual, I will end the report with some thoughts about future plans and forecasts. But before that, let's see what I was forecasting a year ago:

As things are slowing down for the second year in a row -, I'm looking on a humble 10% increase both for traffic and income in 2019. I'm looking to reach 1,4 million users in 2019.  My financial goal is to reach - $22, 000 income. That's about pulling $1,833 each month. From today's perspective - hard but doable!

Well, both goals were missed. Hmm.. that leads me to set goals for 2020 even humbler -  I'm looking at a humble 5% increase both for traffic and income in 2020. I'm looking to reach 1,04 million users in 2020.  My financial goal is to reach - $20, 987 income. That's about pulling $1,748 each month. From today's perspective - hard but doable!