3 High Yield Paying European/US Dividend Stocks in June

I'm still on my way of building a million dollar retirement account from scratch by the time I will turn 60 (in 2045).

Right now, in June 2018, I've reached just about 1.87% from my goal. My investments this year have been spread across peer to peer lending, dividend-paying stocks, cash and of course cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in current progress, see dividend income reports

Originally I had an idea of building monthly dividend paying stock portfolio from the Baltic equities. I have made some good progress, but starting June 2018, I'm shifting away from the Baltics and acquiring both European and the US stocks. 

When looking at EU/US stocks I'm interested in quarterly/monthly dividend paying stocks. As I'm into growth phase from my portfolio, adding cash month after month, right now I'm looking for Real estate investment trusts (REIT) instead of dividend growth stocks. The reason is simple - with REIT's you can find much higher dividend yields. I'm not saying this will help to grow value in the future, I'm saying it will help to generate nice cash flow.

In today's article, I'm sharing 3 high yielding EU/US stocks yielding 8.65%- 11.04% and paying quarterly dividends in June (These stocks will pay also in March, September and December)