April 2018, marks a small one year anniversary since I've been investing in the Baltic Stock market, more precisely - Baltic dividend stocks. 

I decided to invest in the Baltic stocks, once I found I'm too short to open Interactive Brokers account for buying US stocks (required opening minimum is $10,000). Buying Baltic stocks from local brokers (SEB bank) is relatively cheap (about 3 EUR commission per trade).

Back in April 2017 I started to acquire first stocks in the Baltics, now a year later I've built a humble (~EUR 7,800 worth) Baltic stock portfolio. In general I could sell of all of my holdings there and put this money to open Interactive Brokers, but that's not the plan (At least not yet)

Since April 2017, I have bought 18 dividend paying stocks in the Baltics, in March 2018, after it was announced that one company is planning to leave Nasdaq Baltics I sold it, got some humble profit). And now I actually hold just 17 dividend paying stocks.

For tracking my holdings in Baltic Stocks I've built a simple Google Spreasheet

In total,in dividends I've received EUR 343,7 giving a dividend yield on cost 4.37%, while the total value for portfolio is with a negative -0.83%,the total gain after one year equals to 3.55%.

Taking into consideration, that I've been using the so called dollar cost averaging to acquire stocks once in a month, results seems actually pretty OK. 

Most of the Baltic dividend stocks pays out yearly, which I don't like much, luckily there are a couple of companies paying more often (there is one paying quarterly, and there are two companies paying semiannually). A nice boost for dividends is the so called special (unexpected) dividends, happening pretty regualary on the Nasdaq Baltics.

Here is the list with top gainers/losers from my portfolio

Top Gainers

  1. SAF Tehnika (54.40%)
  2. Zemaitijos Pienas (20.44%)
  3. Latvijas Gāze (18.96%)

Top Losers

  1. OlainFarm (-15.69%)
  2. Kauno Energija (-13.71%)
  3. Vilniaus Baldai (-13.02)

OlainFarm and Vilniaus Baldai seems my worst investments yet

I plan to keep investing in the Baltic Stock market for the years to come, but right now I'm planning to limit my portfolio to EUR 10,000 for a year or two. By reaching EUR 10,000 invested in the Baltic stocks I plan to open an account with Interactive Brokers and start acquiring US / CA dividend stocks.

Now I still have 2,000 EUR to deposit in the Baltic Stocks and I'm planing to do so until the end of the 2018, by acquiring stocks in 3 more companies (to have 20 dividend stocks from the Baltics).

My plan also includes reviewing some of the bad performing stocks and replace them - here are the candidates - Zemaitijos Pienas (Because of the Dividend cut to 0), OlainFarm (we will have a lot of intrigues here for years to come), Vilniaus Baldai.

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