Best Hikes In Tbilisi Are Located Near Turtle Lake

Updated: 15 January, 2017 seen 5,541

I have been living in Georgia for already four years now. I have traveled around country much. See my travels in Georgia on map.

Probably one of my most Favorite destinations in Tbilisi is Turtle Lake. In hot summer days I head here to do some work (most cases some Drupal development) or brainstorm new ideas.

Though I started to blog - document my travels just in 2013, I have been here (Turtle lake) some hundred times for sure. If at start I headed here just for chilling near the lake, then lately I'm more in some outdoor activities. 

In this post I have listed three hiking routes all of them starting at Turtle lake - one ending at Tskenti village, second ending at Vake Park and third ending at Round Garden (Eristavi street, almost in city centre)


Don't forget to your camera with yourself. For recording your route I recommend using MapMyRide app.