Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic Market By Yield

After couple of years of pause in investments I have decided to return to investing.

It probably all starts with my New Year's resolution to save in my "retirement" fund a million dollars before I will turn 60. See: Road To Million Dollars in Saving Account

My goal for 2017 is to put aside, or more precisely to invest $8,561 throughout the year, not mandatory all money should be invested in stocks, in fact I have already invested a little bit more than $1,000 in peer to peer lending, in another Baltic "start up" - Mintos. See: My Start at Investing on Mintos Peer to Peer Lending Platform: Depositing Funds

I like Mintos because of one reason - they offer to invest in Georgian loans, as I have been living in Georgia for about 6 years, I always look on perspective ways to invest in Georgia. Invest in Georgia - Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending - Mintos.com

Now, my experience on investing in Baltic stock market starte in 2001 or 2002,when I first bought stocks of Latvijas Kuģniecība using privatization certificates. Which latter in 2005 I sold for about 500 or 600 Latvian lats and bought a Canon camcorder. In 2007 I bought some Lietuvos Dujos stocks which I sold soon. 

Now in 2016, I still use Canon, but instead of camcorder - a DSLR camera, see: First Impressions Of Canon EOS 1200D Camera With 18-55mm Lens, also I feel way more mature in investing. And that's way I started to explore my options to invest in dividend paying stocks. Baltic stock market was my first choice to make an "Investigation", here is what I have found so far.

Dividend Paying Stocks In NASDAQ Baltic Market By Yield

I made following table using records from dividend payouts in 2016, stock price and dividend yield is calculated according to the February 23, 2017 trading session. The following table should be used just for informative use.

Issuer Ticker Market Amount per share Price (EUR) Yield (%) Market Gap Industry
Latvijas Gāze GZE1R RIG 0.76 7.9 9.6 314.01 Utilities
SAF Tehnika SAF1R RIG 0.34 3.76 9 11.29 Technology
Silvano Fashion Group SFG1T TLN 0.25 2.85 8.7 106.38 Consumer Cyclical
Olympic Entertainment Group OEG1T TLN 0.15 1.84 8.1 279.3 Travel & Leisure
Tallinna Vesi TVEAT TLN 0.9 13.7 6.5 274 Utilities
Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp TKM1T TLN 0.52 8.85 5.8 361.68 Consumer Cyclical
Merko Ehitus MRK1T TLN 0.51 8.91 5.7 159.3 Industrials
Ekspress Grupp EEG1T TLN 0.05 1.28 3.9 37.27 Consumer Cyclical
Siguldas CMAS SCM1R RIG 0.1 3 3.3 1.27 Consumer Defensive
Nordecon NCN1T TLN 0.03 1.3 2.3 40.29 Industrials
Kurzemes CMAS KCM1R RIG 0.045 1.98 2.2 1.73 Consumer Defensive
Valmieras stikla šķiedra VSS1R RIG 0.06884696 3.05 2.2 72.41 Basic Materials
Tallink Grupp TAL1T TLN 0.02 0.98 2 654.47 Industrials
Olainfarm OLF1R RIG 0.181 8.92 2 127.47 Healthcare
Baltic Horizon Fund / Northern Horizon Capital NHCBHFFT TLN 0.026 1.29 2    
Harju Elekter HAE1T TLN 0.05 3.36 1.4 59.07 Technology
Linda Nektar LINDA TLN 0.09 7.5 1.2 13.23 Consumer Defensive
Telia Lietuva TEL1L VLN 0.01 0.95 1 553.48 Communication Services
Arco Vara ARC1T TLN 0.01 1.19 0.8 7.28 Real Estate

Data source: Dividends and other payouts, Google Finance and Morningstar

In 2016, there were 19 companies listed on NASDAQ Baltic paying dividends to stock owners. Yield varies a lot, starting the high 9.6% for Latvijas Gāze, ending in low 0.8% for Arco Vara. The good news there are 7 companies giving dividend yield higher than 5% - Latvijas Gāze, SAF Tehnika, Silvano Fashion Group, Olympic Entertainment Group, Tallinna Vesi, Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp and  Merko Ehitus

Well, that doesn't mean they will pay such yields mandatory in 2017, 2018 or 2020, but it gives some overall understanding. 

Please remember: your capital is at risk when investing in stocks and you could actually lose some, if not all money, as stock prices might drop. invest only money you are comfortable to lose.

Speaking of me - there are 6 companies which stock I'm looking to acquire in 2017:

  • Latvijas gāze - highest dividend yield and a strong dividend payment record since 1999.
  • SAF tehnika - second highest dividend yield
  • Silvano Fashion Group - third highest dividend yield
  • Olympic Entertainment Group - fourth highest dividend yield
  • Tallink Grupp - though a low dividend yield, just 2%, though the largest market gap (EUR mln 654) on NASDAQ Baltic
  • Telia Lietuva - very low dividend yield, just 1%, second largest market gap (EUR mln 553)

My strategy is simple - next I will invest about EUR 2,500 to acquire stocks in above mentioned companies. Why chose 6, why not to stick with one? Simple - diversity. My goal is to build a liquid and growing portfolio using many investment strategies. My goal at the end of 2017 is to invest in stocks about 40-50% from my initial $8,561 plan for 2017. Some 20-40% for peer to peer lending and probably some 10% - 40% in mutual funds.

I feel young and energetic to take some more risk (and both stocks and peer-to-peer lending seems pretty risky to me) and not to stick with more safe, but less yield - deposits, mutual funds or obligations. Though I'm planing to have them in my portfolio over time.

What about you, are you investing in Baltic stock market? Leave a comment- readers and I would love to hear!