June 2017 Dividend Income Report - $53.42

Welcome to the second (#2) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend paying stocks and peer to peer lending in June 2017. 

I started my wealth building adventure (portfolio) in January 2017 with a simple goal to invest $8,561 this year in several batches. Now, six  months latter I'm publishing my second dividend income report. 

In this article you will learn both how much I've received in dividend income also I will publish my net worth, with few tables.

Make sure to check out first dividend income report: May 2017 Dividend Income Report - $65.45 and subscribe to the latest dividend income report updates at the end of this article

About Portfolio in June 2017

Most of my investments right now are concentrated in the Baltic states and Georgia. My portfolio consists of investments in Georgian Lari and EUR currencies. For the sake of this and all future articles I've converted all  final/total currencies to the US dollar, although currently there is no position in my portfolio with direct investments in US dollar. 

 At the end of June I've invested in total $5,645.27 what equals to 65.94% from my 2017 planned investments.  I've reached 0.57% from my ultimate one million dollar goal by the time I will turn 60 (in 2045)

Net worth June 2017

Net worth June 2017

The total value of my portfolio was $5,709.95, making difference between invested and value: + $64.68. There is a slight decrease in value growth if compared to the previous month, when difference was at +$109.86

The growth, though slow and decreasing, have happened because of two reasons - stock prices have gone up and currency exchange rates (I have investment of about 4,500  in Georgian lari)

About Investments in June 2017

Last month I invested additional EUR 465 in Nasdaq Baltics stock market and GEL 700 in mintos.com peer to peer lending.

Investment portfolio June 2017

Investment portfolio June 2017

From money invested in Baltic equity market I bought following shares:

  • Tallina Vesi (TAL: TVEAT) - 15 shares
  • Ekspress Grupp (TAL: EEG1T) - 200 shares

I bought Tallina Vesi stocks because of two reasons, firstly I believe they are among one of the best dividend paying stocks in the Baltic market, see: Dividend Paying Stocks In Nasdaq Baltic Market By Yield, second they made a dividend payout in June. 

Ekspress Grupp promises a nice dividend yield in July. They owns some of the largest Baltic online news sites, as a publisher I understand online media probably is not the best investment opportunity with decreasing revenue from advertisement, but again as a publisher actually making income from digital properties I find this investment, let' s say nice addition to my portfolio.

Dividend Income June 2017

From equities bought in the past and from investments in peer to peer lending marketplace Mintos.com, I got following income:

  • Nordecon - EUR 8.1 (dividend yield 3.21%)
  • Tallina Vesi - EUR 7.29 (dividend yield 3.88%)
  • Mintos.com - EUR 31.43

Total: EUR 46.82

Now, I've already expressed my ambivalent feelings regarding investments in peer to peer lending, especially in the Georgia and Baltics, as I find these markets pretty volatile, but for now mintos.com peer to peer lending works as a charm, I have more than half of my investments there in Georgian lari with 17% annul return rate. I really love the news that at the end of June a new loan originator from Georgia have joined mintos to offer business and agricultural loans on platform. See:Georgian Microfinance Organization BIG joins Mintos marketplace

Now, speaking about investment in Tallina Vesi and Nordecon, June saw some value decrease for both stocks, despite paid out dividend both stocks makes a negative return right now in my portfolio. I'm sure I will keep Tallina Vesi and buy more shares in the future, as they are an utility company, kind of Baltic Blue chip, then regarding nordecon I will keep an eye on it, and there is a great chance I will sell it in the future, as in truth I'm not vey well educated about their business model. One I know for sure, both stocks will stay in my portfolio until next year's dividend payout's. Though if there will happend a dividend cutoff - then nordecon is one to go. Let' s see how things will develop

Monthly income to the date

During past six months, dividend income from my portfolio have produced a whooping $146.61, or 2.597% year to date yield

Monthly income chart June 2017

Monthly income chart June 2017

As you can see from chart above, last June wasn't the best in terms of dividend income, May was. In general, my total investments are rather small not to say humble, and I find I will be rather boring dividend income reporter for next couple of years. What I can see now, it will be hard to push for new heights in coming months, although from what I can see now, next month should be the record breaker, and should earn more than $100/mo, which is actually one of my smaller goals, see: Investment Goal #1 - $100/mo from Dividend Payments. But speaking of other months - August, September - right now I don't see to earn more than $50 per month. Time will show of course, make sure to subscribe to updates below. 

Goals for June 2018 Dividend Income

As always, I would love to end my income report with some future goals/plans. In next June, I'm looking on dividend income at $150. For sure, that will ask to invest much more, one of the things I'm looking to do next year - to buy and hold US stocks, for that I'm looking to open a discount stock brokerage account and deposit at least $10,000. As you can see right now my total net worth is not even close to that, so yeah having a decent discount US stock broker will ask me to save at much higher rate,