My online income report - April 2014

<p>My Online income in April has raised for about <strong>42%</strong> compared with <a href="">month of March</a> and makes modest $7.86.</p><p>In average in month of April I earned about a <strong>$ 0.26</strong> in a day, what is up by by $0.08 compared with March averages, when it was about $0.177 in a day</p><ul><li>Highest earnings per day: <strong>$ 1.19</strong></li><li>Days earning more than $1: <strong>3</strong></li><li>Lowest earning per day: <strong>$ 0.01</strong></li></ul><p>In April my Adsense ad units made me money each day, thanks to RPM. &nbsp;So in this case, I can say, I didn't spent a day without earning some penny.</p><p>Speaking of my Adsense goals, some time ago I have setup on - Earn $40 in a month. By today I'm 1/5 way there.&nbsp;</p><p><em>The Adsense ad units are implemented on several of my internet websites.</em>&nbsp;</p>