My Online Income Report - September 2014

Updated: 3 October, 2014 seen 1,703

This is already my 9th Online Income report, now covering my earnings in month of September 2014.

For a start - I must admit - September did break a bank and outperformed results of previous 8 months counted total

So how much did my blog earned in September?

  • In total I earned $287.25  what is a 202.27% growth if compared with last month ($95.03). I earned $192.22 more than in previous month.
  • $287.25 makes average a $9.75 a day what is a huge leap compared to previous month ($3.06)
  • September was second month in a row, when I earned more than in all months if counted together. I mean if in month of August I earned more than January-Jully counted together, in September I earned more than January-August counted together?

What else can I add to this? AWESOME

Now - following my discoveries few month ago - main income source generator is Amazon Associates program. Google Adsense? Who are you trying to kid? Google Adsense makes pennies. Though realy valuable pennies. If counted together - in month of September Google Adsense earned me about 5% of total income.

5% still are 5% and there is no need to not take this serious.

I really like to compare my online income with minimum or average wages somewhere in earth.

So this months earnings made me around the same as minimum wage in Romania.

While minimum wage is just a minimum wage. The amount of $287 is pretty serious to have an AVERAGE salary in Moldova.

By the way they both are neighbouring countries - should I plan a trip there?

I was and still are so amazed of such positive results from Amazon Associates - I did setup an affiliate site at the last days of September. Unfortunately I didn't managed earn a dime from that site, so basically all of the earnings in September comes from this blog. But I have hopes to earn some money in October from my second affiliate site.

I'm looking to build a stable $500 in a month revenue site. For the first month (not counting last days of September) I'm looking for some $50 in revenue.

I'm hopping for something more in Christmases season, my goal could be reach $500 with this affiliate site in month of December

You can read more on my attempts building Amazon affiliate niche site here.


Returning on September results, there are one more thing I would like to mention - at the of August, making my forecast for this month I said:

My overall prediction for September is modest - anything above $45 will be a great result.

Speaking of longer term goals - one of them is to get over $200 in this year. For 2015 I'm already fantasying of goals like $500 and $1000. Hope this September will give a good results and my "dreams" won't be wiped away.

As you can see - it was easy to overpass first goal- $45, and I even managed to break one longer term goal - to get over $200. 

I'm still fantasying of $500 and $1000

That's said - as usual I will make my forecast/goals for month of October:

Again, and again - despite I had a very good growth in September, I will stick with very modest goals and even forecasts: to get over $100 is my goal this month!