My Online Income Report - September 2014

<p>This is already my 9th <a href="">Online Income report</a>, now covering my earnings in month of September 2014.</p><p>For a start - I must admit - <span style="text-decoration: underline;">September did break a bank and outperformed results of previous 8 months counted total</span>.&nbsp;</p><h2>So how much did my blog earned in September?</h2><ul><li>In total I<strong> earned $287.25</strong> &nbsp;what is a <strong>202.27% growth</strong> if <a href="">compa… with last month ($95.03)</a>. I earned <strong>$192.22 more</strong> than in previous month.</li><li>$287.25 makes average a <strong>$9.75 a day</strong> what is a huge leap compared to previous month ($3.06)</li><li>September was second month in a row, when<strong> I earned more than in all months if counted together</strong>. I mean if in month of August I earned more than January-Jully counted together, in September I earned more than January-August counted together?</li></ul><p><strong>What else can I add to this? AWESOME</strong></p><p>Now - following my discoveries few month ago - main income source generator is Amazon Associates program. <em>Google Adsense?</em> Who are you trying to kid? Google Adsense makes pennies. Though realy valuable pennies. If counted together - in month of September Google Adsense earned me about 5% of total income.</p><p><strong>5% still are 5% and there is no need to not take this serious.</strong></p><p>I really like to compare my online income with minimum or average wages somewhere in earth.</p><p>So this months earnings made me around the same as <a href="">minimum wage in Romania</a>.</p><p>While minimum wage is just a minimum wage. The amount of $287 is pretty serious to have an <a href="">A… salary in Moldova</a>.</p><p><em>By the way they both are neighbouring countries - should I plan a trip there?</em></p><p>I was and still are so amazed of such positive results from Amazon Associates - I did setup an affiliate site at the last days of September. Unfortunately I didn't managed earn a dime from that site, so basically all of the earnings in September comes from this blog. But I have hopes to earn some money in October from my second affiliate site.</p><blockquote><p>I'm looking to build a stable $500 in a month revenue site. For the first month (not counting last days of September) I'm looking for some $50 in revenue.</p><p>I'm hopping for something more in Christmases season, my goal could be reach $500 with this affiliate site in month of December</p></blockquote><p><a href="">You can read more on my attempts building Amazon affiliate niche site here.</a></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Returning on September results, there are one more thing I would like to mention - at the of August, making my forecast for this month I said:</p><blockquote><p>My&nbsp;overall&nbsp;prediction for September is modest - anything above&nbsp;$45 will be a great result.</p><p>Speaking of longer term goals - one of them is to get over $200 in this year. For 2015&nbsp;I'm&nbsp;already&nbsp;fantasying&nbsp;of goals like $500 and $1000. Hope this September will give a good results and my "dreams" won't be&nbsp;wiped&nbsp;away.</p></blockquote><p>As you can see - it was easy to overpass first goal- $45, and I even managed to break one longer term goal - to get over $200.&nbsp;</p><p>I'm still fantasying of $500 and $1000</p><p>That's said - as usual I will make my forecast/goals for month of October:</p><p>Again, and again - despite I had a very good growth in September, I will stick with very modest goals and even forecasts: to get over $100 is my goal this month!</p>