My online income report - May 2014

<p>My online income in May has <strong>decreased by</strong> <strong>$1.88</strong> <a href="">compar… to previous period</a> and in month of May totalled in <strong>$6.01</strong>.</p><p>Average earning last month by day was <strong>$0.19</strong>, what is down from $0.26 in previous month.</p><ul><li>Highest earnings per day: <strong>$0.63</strong></li><li>Days earning more than $1:<strong> 0</strong></li><li>Lowest earnings per day: <strong>$0.01</strong></li><li>Days earning less than $0.10: <strong>13</strong></li></ul><p><em>I'm still using just Google Adsense to monetize&nbsp;my websites</em></p>