My online income report - March 2014

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<p>My online income in March dropped by half, and totalled to really modest $5.51.</p><p>In average I earned about $0.177 a day, what is significant drop compared to previous month, when in daily average I earned $0.34</p><ul><li>Highest earnings per day:&nbsp;<strong>$1.06</strong></li><li>Days making more than $1:&nbsp;<strong>1</strong></li><li>Days without making earnings:&nbsp;<strong>7</strong></li></ul><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Main reason for drop in earnings is simple, I lost traffic for one of my top performer sites.</div><div>On the other hand, in March I launched 3 new properties with Google Adsense.</div><div>My blog seems now attracts the most visitors, but CTR is pretty low. So I'm planing to make few tests with ads placement on my blog, to see if it helps me get back my earnings to previous level.</div>