Q2 2017 Online Income Report - $6,116.98

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Wow - that was fast, another quarter of year just passed and we are already in the middle of year. Last three months have disappeared as another flicker. Time flies. 

Now let' s see how did it go for my online ventures in Q2 2017 (April, May and June).

During past three months I've traveled a lot - in mid May we went for a short trip to Germany (Dortmund area), then after about a week returned to Georgia for a week via Istanbul, Turkey. And in the start of June we fled to Crete, Greece and spent amazing 3 weeks there. That's a lot of countries in just 3 months. 

Despite my concerns after Amazon Associates reduced commission fees for select product categories (starting March), last quarter managed to beat first quarter of the year by $154.  And here is why - diversification of online income streams. Since the start of 2017 I've launched tour booking platform in Georgia - tourgeorgia.eu and I'm starting to make first earnings from dividend paying stocks and peer to peer lending. 

I cover separate series on dividends and peer to peer lending, make sure to check them out also: Dividend income

In short second quarter of 2017 (April, May and June) earned $6,490.16 what is an awesome more than double growth if compared to the second quarter of year before (see: Q2 2016 Blog Traffic & Online Income - 133,939 Users / $3,034.76), and as already stated even a slight increase if compared to previous quarter (see: Q1 2017 Online Income Report - $5,886.46

About Website traffic in Q2 2017

Currently there are two websites  - the blog you are currently reading and tourgeorgia.eu. 


Another record breaking quarter if compared by visitors, more than 236,000 users in just three months, that's average of about 78,000 users monthly

Website traffic Q1 2017. Data source: Google Analytics

Website traffic Q2 2017. Data source: Google Analytics

Pretty impressive numbers here, IMHO. If compared to the second quarter a year before, my personal blog in second quarter of 2017 have experienced more than 78% growth. If I would manage such high growth rate in second quarter of 2018, that would mean more than 420,000 users in three months after a year. That's well above my current target  - 100K users monthly. Great. Blogging have turned out to be one of the most successful online things I've done so far.

Q2 2017 vs Q2 2016 website traffic. Data source: Google Analytics

Q2 2017 vs Q2 2016 website traffic. Data source: Google Analytics


Originally first launched in 2011, this website made a re-launch from scratch at the last days of March 2017. This is first full reporting quarter for tourgeorgia.eu. I keep separate monthly income reports there as well

tourgeorgia.eu website traffic Q2 2017

tourgeorgia.eu website traffic Q2 2017

3,295 users, though humble but IMHO a decent number for about a 3 month old website. You can see from the graph above there are some traffic spikes a start of the each month. For the past three month  spent some dollars on Facebook to drive traffic there at start of the each month. It worked good for traffic driving, but didn't converted well in actual bookings. As by now most of the bookings happened on tourgeorgia.eu have come from referrals links from my blog and Google Search Landing pages.

We got 26 bookings in the past three months, which is a nice, but a little bellow my expectations having at least 10 bookings per month. The future, though, seems nice and right now I feel I could report double that numbers after a year.

About Income in Q2 2017

There are some cool additions to my online income - in the past quarter I've added a new income source - dividend paying stocks, which I hope will grow in future.

  • ReinisFischer.com - $5,890.85
  • Tourgeorgia.EU - $452.53
  • Mintos.com peer to peer lending - $91.41
  • Dividend paying stocks - $57.38

Total: $6,492.17


  • Facebook Ads: $78.18
  • Linode: $135
  • Virtual Assistants: $160

Total: $373.18

Goals for Q3 2017

As usual, goals are my favorite part of these reports - I'm looking to have about 250,000 users for my personal blog and about $5,000 income total. Let's see how dividend paying stocks and peer to peer lending will help to achieve this goal.