Top Dividend Paying Stocks from Nasdaq Baltic I'm Planning to Acquire in 2019

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I've been investing in the Baltic equity market since April 2017, currently (2018) my capital has been exposed to 16 companies listed on the Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange giving a combined dividend yield (after two years) on cost 7.99%.

On the other hand, the total value for my Baltic holdings has been down -21.56% (without dividends) and -9.76% (with dividends). The drop has happened in 2018. As there have been drops anywhere else this year, I'm not too concerned regarding this. 

In fact, it has been a while since I bought my latest Baltic stock, in 2018 I'm more focusing in the US stock market, see: Dow Jones Companies By Yield 2018

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Now, when planning investments for 2019 in Nasdaq Baltics, I did a simple research, based on historical data and my own experience to list stocks I'm looking to acquire next year. 

Stocks In NASDAQ Baltic I'm Planning to Acquire in 2019

Please remember: your capital is at risk when investing in stocks and you could actually lose some, if not all money, as stock prices might drop. invest only money you are comfortable to lose.

Company name Ticker 2018 2017 YTD  
Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius ESO1L €0.71 €0.87 -€0.16 -18.39%
Lietuvos energijos gamyba LNR1L €0.56 €0.63 -€0.07 -11.11%
Latvijas Gāze GZE1R €10.30 €10.20 €0.10 0.98%
Klaipėdos nafta KNF1L €0.44 €0.51 -€0.07 -13.73%
Apranga APG1L €1.68 €2.57 -€0.89 -34.63%
Silvano Fashion Group SFG1T €2.40 €2.72 -€0.32 -11.76%
SAF Tehnika SAF1R €2.78 €7.61 -€4.83 -63.47%

Stock prices for 2018 as of November 17, 2018

2018 has been a bad year for Baltic stock investors, most stocks have lost a lot from their value in 2017.

Nasdaq Baltic Stock Market Biggest Gainers / Losers 2017

As you have seen, I have listed just 6 stock names I'm planning to increase my stake in 2019. If prices will stay as they are or will keep even dropping - I would say - it's a bargain deal.