Tourism objects

I travel frequently, in most cases equipped with DSLR camera, tripod and some spare lens. I love to photograph places I have visited, add them to the map, so not only me, but you too can benefit from my discoveries.

Terek Valley Viewpoint

3 August, 2021 seen 138
Terek Valley viewpoint is located along the Georgian military road, close to the border with Russia. Maybe not as impressive as Georgia - Russia Friendship monument located near the Gudauri, still, if you happen to be in this area of the…


2 August, 2021 seen 202
Andrejsala is an area located in the Pētersala-Andrejsala neighborhood of Riga, Latvia within a former territory of an industrial port next to the city center. Views toward Riga from AndrejsalaAndrejsala is a chich, urban place to visit. …

Truso Valley

26 July, 2021 seen 124
 Truso Valley is known for its mineral water springs, white/yellow travertines, mineral lake with bubbles, towers of middle ages, -most notably Zakagori castle, villages on a very high altitude such as Resi (2350m), tasty cheese and…

Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor

23 July, 2021 seen 55
November has started with some cool 4K cinematic drone videography at Laidi manor / Valtaiķi church / Rudbārži manor. All places are great and highly recommended to visit, all places share some great history, starting Baltic - German…

Georgia - Russia Friendship monument near Gudauri

16 July, 2021 seen 45
Georgia - the land of many wonders A drone flight around Georgia - Russia Friendship Monument near Gudauri DJI Mavic mini, August 16th, 2020 Music by Scott Holmes - Epic Cinematographic

Orbeliani square Tbilisi

9 July, 2021 seen 33
Autumn feeling or fun with a drone near Oberliani square / Alexander Garden in Tbilisi. (The former and famous Hotel 'London' is located in this area) Music by David Hilowitz - Equilibrium I Cello version

Vilgāle Winter Edition

25 June, 2021 seen 88
Made a quick stop at Vilgāle today to check how our apt renovation works are going and made this short drone footage. There is some recreational potential at Vilgāle. There is a guest house, a Montessori school, some shop (s), and a huge…

Green Cape near Batumi

21 June, 2021 seen 204
Green cape is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, located just some 9 km outside of Batumi.  Batumi Botanical Garden is located within Green Cape's picturesque setting. You can reach Green cape from Batumi by a taxi or bus.…

Husky moto park in Tbilisi, Manglisi, and Birtvisi Canyon

23 April, 2021 seen 120
A day in our lives - Husky moto park in Tbilisi, Manglisi, and Birtvisi Canyon in Georgia - failed attempt to press the record button with an active track filming motorbike in action was fully compensated with my free run and hide from a…

Sigulda from a drone flight

2 April, 2021 seen 30
Fun day at Sigulda / Made my first hyperlapse at Turaida Castle. The famous Ferris wheel, Gutmanis cave, river Gauja, and some other goodies. Filmed November 8, 2020