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<p>I travel frequently and I love to write about my travels. In this section you will find some of my travel notes.</p>

About Tbilisi - Kiev - New York Flight by Ukrainian Airlines


In mid-November 2016 I faced an issue which I had to handle in the United States. I had to fly there soon. In the past I have flied twice to the United States, both time leaving from Warsaw, Poland by Polish Airlines LOT and once have returned back via Istanbul using Turkish airlines flight from Houston.  This time I decided to make it happen with less layovers as possible and even smaller waiting times. Our first choice was to fly with Turkish Airlines with connecting flight in Istanbul, the…

3 Day Trip Across Lithuania


Traditions should be respected. For the third year in a row I have been celebrating my birthday at one of the former Soviet Union member country's capital city. Year ago, I spent awesome birthday in Tallinn (Estonia) and two years ago in Yerevan, Armenia.  It was planned to visit Minsk (Belarus) for this year, but instead of Minsk, my better part took me on a lovely three day ride across Lithuania, reaching Vilnius (capital of Lithuania) in a second day. Now, another year, another awesome…

Travelling From Telaviv, Israel to Yerevan, Armenia


An Israeli traveler recently contacted me and asked could I give an advice on traveling to Yerevan (Armenia) from Telaviv (Israel). As this is a pretty broad topic to answer in one single reply I decided to wrap up longer answer in this blog post. Hopefully other Israeli / Armenian travelers will find some helpful thought in this article as well. Now, I must inform that I have never traveled directly route Telaviv - Yerevan, Thus I have done route Istanbul - Telaviv (once), Istanbul - Tbilisi…

Best of Armenia in Two days (Yerevan and Beyond)


Armenia has been on my travel map since 2014 when I first visited it on a day when Visa-Free travel was enabled for European Union pass holders. I arrived from Georgia (the country I have been living since 2011). Since then I have visited Armenia several more times, and all of them have turned out to be just another great trip experience.  See how I started a blog series on celebrating a birthday each year in another country: Celebrating Birthday in Yerevan, Armenia - Roundup or One Day Trip…

16 Things to do in Batumi


Batumi is a port city of Georgia, located on the shores of the Black sea. Pebbled beaches energize you with their natural force and astonish with the beauty of seashells that can easily be found right in the rocks, especially after storms. For choosing a hotel in Batumi see: 16 Best Batumi Beach / Seaside Hotels Close to the sea, you will find a new boulevard with lots of boutiques and cafes whereas in the old boulevard you can peacefully have a rest in the shade of giant trees. Being in the…

Short Day Trip to Lithuania (Curonian Spit)


At start of May 2016, we went on a short two day trip to Lithuania, we had no goal or destination planned. Just a spontaneous trip idea. Unfortunetly our car broke somewhere in middle of nowhere (Barta- Rucava road) and we had to stay overnight in Liepaja.  Next morning we booked a rental car and our spontaneous trip started. We visited Palanga, Klaipeda, Juodkrante and Nida on Curonian Spit. 

Nida - Resort Town on Curonian Spit in Lithuania


Nida is a resort town in Lithuania, the administrative centre of Neringa municipality. Located on the Curonian Spit between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, it is the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic states, close to the border with the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast exclave. It currently has about 1,650 residents. We arrived to Nida just shortly we paid a visit to Juodkrante (both are located on Curonian Spit). One of my first observations about Nida were simple, it's some…

Juodkrante - Lithuanian Riviera


Juodkrante is a seaside resort town located on Curonian Spit in Lithuania some 20km from Klaipeda. To get on to the Curonian Spit you will need to take a ferry at Smiltyine terminal at first. I was really surprised of different architecture I seen here on Juodkrante and Curonian Spit. I you have ever been close to the Netherlands, you will find some similarities with Dutch architecture here, thus, most probably the architecture here is kept from times when Curonian Spit was part of Germany (…

Georgia / Armenia Border Crossing at Sadakhlo / Bagratashen


One of the shortest routes for crossing Georgian / Armenian border, if traveling from Tbilisi to Yerevan, is Sadakhlo / Bagratashen border point.  I have traveled this route several times, mostly for my travels to Yerevan  I have used private taxi cars or minivans leaving from Avlabari or Ortachala (in Tbilisi) and back from Kilikia bus station in Yerevan. Learn more about cheap travel between Georgia and Armenia by mini vans: Tbilisi - Yerevan transfers by taxi car There are no Visa…

Tbilisi For Dummies- 10 Places To Visit When Planing Your Trip to Georgian Capital


Planing your next trip to the Pearl of Caucasus - Tbilisi? Spending hours researching Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and travel blogs? I'm here to help you, save time on researches and let Georgia to surprise you - after five years spent in this South Caucasus republic I decided to craft list of ten interesting tourist attraction sites in Tbilisi which will please most of the travelers. You don't need a fancy budget to visit these sites (as most of them are free of entrance or for symbolic price…