2 day tour in "Soviet Georgia"

Now, this is interesting, today I was browsing Viator for tours in Georgia, and this one caught my attention - 2 days in Soviet Georgia starting $335.00

My attention was caught with that lovely yellow Soviet VAZ car, I quickly imagined driving around Georgia in such and thought -  cool. By the way, last summer I enjoyed driving in such car in Kiev, I wouldn't call it a pleasant ride, but fun for sure. Regarding this Soviet Georgia tour - I'm not sure who is making this tour happen (sounds like a Brutal Tours to me). For Soviet Architecture lovers in Georgia, I could recommend to Explore Soviet Architecture In Modern Tbilisi alternatively see: Organized tours in Georgia

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Tour Description

This is the lifetime experience tour for people who are interested in life of ordinary people under Soviet regime in Georgia. During these two days you will be able to travel through country on Soviet car, visit Gori the birthplace of Joseph Stalin, museum of Stalin, see the Soviet mines, houses of workers, old metal cable cars, hear the stories of people, stay in Soviet sanatorium for one night and see the effects of regime on present time Georgia.

The tour will start in one Soviet-built districts of Tbilisi, here you will switch to Soviet car (don't expect AC and comfort Soviet people were hard working and did not care for comfort). The first you will take ride through Tbilisi streets and see the Soviet governmental buildings, after the short ride you will leave Tbilisi, in an hour you will get to Gori.

Day trip to Gori and nearby vicinity

Here is a museum of Joseph Stalin, the creator of the empire of evil. In the museum, you will hear the stories about his life, see his personal belongings and armored train cart. Our next stop will be in a restaurant, to have Soviet lunch. Soon we will be leaving Gori behind and go to Borjomi.

Borjomi is a city in Central part of Georgia, has beautiful nature and mineral water spring. The mineral water spring resort was the place for vacations in Soviet Georgia. Here you will visit the mineral water park, take walk to Romanof Palace and stay in a Soviet sanatorium(or in an ordinary hotel). The sanatorium has kept its Soviet face and is an unforgettable experience.

In the morning, you will again visit Borjomi mineral water park and leave to Chiatura. Chiatura is mining city, most of its population was mowed to the city to work in mines. The city is full of Soviet cable cars. You will take a ride on one of the cable cars. In the evening you will return to Tbilisi.  

Chiatura Cable-ways Central Station

The Soviet car and Soviet Sanatorium is an option, they can be changed to an ordinary modern car and ordinary hotel.

Starting from $335.00, Check availability and book on Viator.com