Soviet architecture

Monument to 50 Years of Soviet Armenia in Yerevan


The monument to the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution is located in the Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan, at the beginning of Azatutyan Avenue, above the Cascade complex. The monument was built in 1967 and is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Soviet Union in Armenia. If you are into Soviet Architecture, this place deffintely is worth the visit. The views from the viewing platfom are just awesome.  The 50-meter obelisk, which is 65 meters,…

Beyond Yerevan: Why Vanadzor Should Be on Your Armenia Itinerary


Vanadzor, also known as Kirovakan during the Soviet era, is the third-largest city in Armenia. Located in the northern part of the country, Vanadzor serves as the administrative center of the Lori Province. The city is situated on the banks of the Pambak River and is surrounded by the picturesque mountains of the Lesser Caucasus. I made a quick stop and made a few drone photos here in Mid February 2023, after returning from Yerevan to Tbilisi. Vanadzor has a rich history and culture, with…

Defunct Tkibuli - Tskhrajvari Cable Car


During our latest (and yet first) Racha trip we discovered this quite awesome, but defunct Soviet cable car station near Tskhrajvari. Turns out, it has been the second largest Second longest aerial tramway in Georgia and Soviet Union with 3644 meters, height difference: 850 meters. The cable car station near Tskhrajvari is located at the top of the cliff - nowadays quite a popular tourist destination in the area.  Despite being defunct - I see a great potential to renew cable car service hear…

Gori Railway Station


Gori Railway Station, a small stop on the Georgian Railway line, is an intermediate station on the Tbilisi-Batumi route which sees more than a dozen trains passing through each day.  Whether you are looking to travel to Gori from Tbilisi by train or just prefer wandering about Soviet Architecture, the Gori railway station might be the answer.  The train station is located in southern Gori, 2 kilometers from the city center and away from all of the tourist sights. There were several taxis…

Tskaltubo - Former Soviet Spa Resort


Tskaltubo is a spa resort town in west-central Georgia. The resort was especially popular in the Soviet era, attracting around 125,000 visitors a year. Bathhouse 9 features a frieze of Stalin, and visitors can see the private pool where he bathed on his visits. Just like Chiatura cable car town, Tskaltubo is very interesting to visit and see the brutalist and futuristic Soviet architecture.  In today's Piece of Life series - Tskalubo - former Soviet Spa Resort town The resort's focus is on…

Former Archaeological Museum Building in Tbilisi from a Drone Flight


The former Archeological Museum Building in Tbilisi is a great example of Soviet architecture in Georgia. I was first introduced to this place by amazing Brutal Tours back in 2017. Music by: Scott Holmes - Inspirational Outlook Filmed and post-processed: September 20. 2020

Georgian Parliament Building in Tbilisi


The Parliament of Georgia Building is located in Tbilisi on Rustaveli Avenue, close to the foothills of Mount Mtatsminda. The building complex was constructed as the House of Government of Georgian SSR on the site of the demolished 19th-century Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. For those of you interested in Soviet Architecture, here you go another cool object of interest in Tbilisi. See: Brutal Tours - Explore Soviet Georgian Architecture in Tbilisi The complex consists of two buildings; the "…

Panorama Riga Observation Deck (Latvian Academy of Sciences)


The 107-meter tall building is considered the first high-rise in Latvia. It has been a prominent fixture of the Riga cityscape since the 1950s. There are a total of 766 rooms on the 23 floors, occupied by scientists, researchers, historians, and various companies.  It was in May 2018, when I first visited the observation deck located in Latvian Academy of Sciences building) and I was really impressed. So impressed that I would call this place actually the Empire State Building of Riga.…

2 day tour in "Soviet Georgia"


Now, this is interesting, today I was browsing Viator for tours in Georgia, and this one caught my attention - 2 days in Soviet Georgia starting $335.00 My attention was caught with that lovely yellow Soviet VAZ car, I quickly imagined driving around Georgia in such and thought -  cool. By the way, last summer I enjoyed driving in such car in Kiev, I wouldn't call it a pleasant ride, but fun for sure. Regarding this Soviet Georgia tour - I'm not sure who is making this tour happen (sounds like…

Explore Soviet Architecture In Modern Tbilisi


Despite being an independent Europe-oriented country Georgia nowadays represents a big merge of its Soviet past and intervened modern architecture. Some disapprove this mixture, others clam it to be the pinnacle of the architectural masterpiece but no matter how much you argue there is no definite answer whether Georgia should have remained its Soviet architecture without implementing construction plans with lanky skyscrapers or maybe it would have been better to create a downtown center…