April 2022 - Bitcoin Futures Trading Result - 0.001582285605 BTC

Updated: 5 May, 2022 seen 48

In April I re-started trading bitcoin futures on the Deribit platform and after 90 trades were able to book 0.001582285605 BTC profit, about $60.13 if exchanged to the USD value. That said, welcome to the #1 bitcoin futures trading report (hopefully, not the last). Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to the deribit.com…

How to Place a Stop Loss Order on Coinbase Pro

Updated: 4 May, 2022 seen 104

For most of the time, I have been using a Coinbase Pro account just to buy and hold Bitcoin once a week. Just recently I started thinking about trading Bitcoin more frequently - like a couple of times per day using trade signals like Moving Averages with Golden and Death Cross. The idea is quite simple - Once there is a trade signal…

Weekend trip to Batumi from Tbilisi by Train

Updated: 3 May, 2022 seen 71

In this article, I will share notes and points of interest from our latest trip to Batumi during the Orthodox Easter 2022. We were traveling from Tbilisi Railway station by train, paying GEL 25 for a seat in second class (The price for the seat in first class was GEL 60, business class GEL 100). Comfortable 2-story Swiss-built Stadler…

Top 11 Best Selling Laptops May 2022

Updated: 2 May, 2022 seen 306

In this article, I've listed the top 11 best selling laptops on Amazon in May 2022 Apple, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and HP are the brands of the month. As a proud owner of the Apple 2020 M1 chip MacBook, I find it not surprisingly being listed among the best sellers. Keep reading to learn more about the top 11 best selling laptop models. A…

Batumi Loves You

Updated: 29 April, 2022 seen 75

R is For Restaurant - or here is what we got after spending 4 days in Batumi - dealing with a ton of real estate developers, cheesecakes and chocolate fondants, blue skies, and swimming pools. Hyper lapses and long-range drone flights. Filmed with a DJI Mavic drone and Samsung Galaxy A52 mobile phone. Batumi April 19-April 23, 2022

High Risk / High Return Investment Opportunity in Batumi Real Estate

Updated: 28 April, 2022 seen 221

After spending a weekend in Batumi I decided to take a closer look at the booming, but somehow stagnating Batumi real estate market. At the start, I couldn't believe that there are real estate offers starting $750 per square meter. Now I have a feeling if I would look more carefully, and bargain a bit I could get something even for $500…

Batumi Central Park / 6th May park

Updated: 27 April, 2022 seen 77

Batumi Central park is really cool and relaxing attraction with a huge lake in the middle located in front of the Hilton Hotel. It's said that the park/garden is more than 130 years old and was constructed together with Batumi boulevard back in 1881. Batumi central Park from a drone flightDespite I've visited Batumi zillions of times, I…

Best Western Premier Batumi Hotel

Updated: 26 April, 2022 seen 58

Best Western Premier Batumi hotel is one of our best finds in Batumi, the price corresponds to the service. Budget-friendly 4-star hotel with a swimming pool. I booked this hotel directly by calling to the reception instead booking online and got a very nice offer - 800 GEL for 4 nights with breakfast included and additional head for our…

How to invest $100 in Bitcoin Futures and not blow up your account

Updated: 25 April, 2022 seen 30

For the past couple of months, I have been trading bitcoin futures with leverage on the deribit platform with some good success.  By saying good success - I mean  - I see how it can be profitable, and currently, I'm profitable trading bitcoin futures with a win rate well above 80%, also in the past, I have been profitable, with the same…

Easter 2022

Updated: 22 April, 2022 seen 49

Good times in Georgia or another awesome Easter weekend have been recorded in our tapes. From the windy mountains near Mtskheta, hiking trip near Turtle lake, egg fights in Tbilisi, meeting fellow Latvians at Vake park, and dining near the Bazaleti lake. Enjoy the video and thumbs up!