100 Trades To Become Profitable Bitcoin Futures Trader

Updated: 10 March, 2022 seen 20

Welcome to another interesting blog topic series - lately, I've been into crypto futures trading a lot. So far I can report mixed results - yes, the gains are enormous - like I was able to make 189% gain with 100 trades in 9 days trading Ethereum, but meanwhile I also have blown up my account at least 4 times. The losses so far are far…

Postcards from Pasanauri

Updated: 9 March, 2022 seen 24

Pasanauri is a small town in Georgia, situated in the Dusheti district, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. We have been traveling this small town through zillions of times, mostly when heading to Gudauri or Kazbegi, but never had we made a stop here and explored more.  It was in the mid-February 2022, we headed to Gudauri, but as the road was…

Bristol Hotel and Spa Bakuriani

Updated: 8 March, 2022 seen 43

Bristol Hotel and Spa Bakuriani is offering accommodations in Bakuriani. The property provides ski-to-door access and ski storage space, as well as a restaurant and a bar. The hotel features an indoor pool, sauna, karaoke and a 24-hour front desk. We booked Bristol Hotel and Spa Bakuriani hotel at the end of January 2022, for a two night…

Spice and Herbal Garden No7 near Bentota, Sri Lanka

Updated: 7 March, 2022 seen 79

Spice and Herbal garden No7 is located next to the Galle - Hambantota - Wellawaya Hwy near Bentota in Sri Lanka. We visited this place during a day trip from our hotel (Taj Resort & Spa) to Madu Ganga river when returning back to our hotel. We didn't have any special plans to visit this place, but our driver (s) just took us there. …

Hiking trip near Turtle Lake

Updated: 4 March, 2022 seen 61

Hiking trip near Turtle lake in Tbilisi, dining with Rapunzel and other fictional Disney characters near the Svan Tower, meeting real South African and Georgian friends near Bazaleti, tracing numbers and bitcoins back in Tbilisi. enjoy and thumbs up!

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery Sri Lanka

Updated: 3 March, 2022 seen 22

Kosgoda Turtle Care program aims to protect sea turtle eggs and increase hatching rates. I had a chance to visit Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery in Sri Lanka at the start of January 2022, during a day trip from our hotel at Bentota. After returning from the Madu Ganga riverboat safari our guides took us to the Turtle hatchery.  At the Kosgoda…

February 2022 Dividend Income Report - $3.4

Updated: 2 March, 2022 seen 67

Welcome to the fifty-eight (#58) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks in February 2022. Last month we spent in Georgia, did a few road trips across the country, flying a drone, made some nice drone videos. At the start of the month, we got infected with Covid-19, mild symptoms and after 8-day…

Daytrip to Gori (and not because of the Stalin's museum)

Updated: 1 March, 2022 seen 42

At the end of January 2022, after just returning from Sri Lanka we decided to take an easy weekend trip to Gori in Georgia. I have a good friend David living in Gori. After a quick WhatsApp chat, we agreed to have some nice dinner at Villa Park Gori restaurant with a home wine, also David recommended staying at the fancy Georgia Gold…

Bentota Beach in Sri Lanka

Updated: 28 February, 2022 seen 41

Bentota is a small coastal resort town, about a 2-hour drive away from Colombo, Sri Lanka. We visited Bentota and Bentota beaches at the start of January 2022, while staying at the 5-star resort hotel Taj Bentota and Spa Bentota beach near Taj Resort & Spa hotel in Sri LankaIt is said that Bentota has been the water sport capital of…

And drones fly at Pasanauri

Updated: 25 February, 2022 seen 37

'Un droni lido Pasanauri '- or another strange but awesome weekend has been in our tapes - it was planned to visit Gudauri, but 16km from the skiing resort the road was blocked, we turned our car around and visited Ralph Schmidt in Gudaleti, with nice views toward Mount Kazbek instead.