Batumi Real Estate Crypto Investment

29 April, 2022 seen 232

Invest and profit from the booming Batumi real estate market starting at just $200

This is not trading advice. Investments in stocks, funds, bonds, or cryptos are risk investments and you could lose some or all of your money. Do your due diligence before investing in any kind of asset.

I'm running a crypto token sale to raise $20,000 to purchase a studio apartment in Batumi. The apartment building is planned to be finished at the end of 2023. Once completed we are looking to sell the apartment for about $25,000. That would mean about a 20% potential gain in 18 months.

Invest in Batumi Real Estate (Buying Black Frame Projects) High Risk / High Return Investment Opportunity in Batumi Real Estate

I'm looking to issue a crypto token on the Ethereum network - issuing 100 new coins via the smart contract, with a set value of $200 per coin.

Total supply of 100 coins, with a total value of $20,000.

Each coin represents 1% property rights of the…

High Risk / High Return Investment Opportunity in Batumi Real Estate

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After spending a weekend in Batumi I decided to take a closer look at the booming, but somehow stagnating Batumi real estate market.

At the start, I couldn't believe that there are real estate offers starting $750 per square meter. Now I have a feeling if I would look more carefully, and bargain a bit I could get something even for $500 in the new development projects.

Batumi Real Estate Crypto Investment

After contacting a few real estate developers in Batumi I was getting quite interested in buying an apartment under construction to sell once finished.

Here I made a YouTube video: Invest in Batumi real estate in Georgia?

I got a few offers, from several companies, and I focused on a small studio 26.6 m2 apartment with a price of $680/m2, with a downpayment of 30% and the rest in 24 months.

The total cost would be $18,088 once finished. For me, it doesn't seem much for an apartment, yes small, but an apartment in a seaside resort. And I believe I could sell it at…

Batumi Central Park / 6th May park

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Batumi Central park is really cool and relaxing attraction with a huge lake in the middle located in front of the Hilton Hotel.

It's said that the park/garden is more than 130 years old and was constructed together with Batumi boulevard back in 1881.

Batumi central Park from a drone flight

Despite I've visited Batumi zillions of times, I even have lived there some 10 years ago, this was the first time me visiting this park. Indeed very nice, with a little nice mini-zoo inside

6 May Park of Batumi is an ancient garden in Georgia. It has more than 130 years of history. The park was constructed in 1881 under the direction of gardener Ressler.

In 1885, for the park’s and boulevard's reconstruction works, famous Franch gardener Michael Dalfonse was invited. The total area of the park’s territory was 78 000 square meters for this period of time. Concerning the garden, it was named Alexander’s Garden, in honor of the  Imperator of Russia. In 1932, the garden was reconstructed as a cultural and recreational park…

Best Western Premier Batumi Hotel

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Best Western Premier Batumi hotel is one of our best finds in Batumi, the price corresponds to the service. Budget-friendly 4-star hotel with a swimming pool.

I booked this hotel directly by calling to the reception instead booking online and got a very nice offer - 800 GEL for 4 nights with breakfast included and additional head for our 3-year old kiddo. I think we saved at least 500-600 GEL. Quite nice. If you prefer online booking, here is my shame affiliate link: Book now

Hotel room at Best Western Premier Batumi Hotel

Not centrally located, but taxis are quite affordable in Batumi, literally we spent about 2-3 GEL for getting to the city center and GEL 8-10 to getting to Batumi botanical garden with Bolt taxi. Very affordable.

This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach. Best Western Premier Batumi in Batumi features a terrace. The property is close to Dolphinarium, Batumi Archeological Museum and Holy Mother Virgins Nativity Cathedral. Europe Square…

How to invest $100 in Bitcoin Futures and not blow up your account

25 April, 2022 seen 30

For the past couple of months, I have been trading bitcoin futures with leverage on the deribit platform with some good success. 

By saying good success - I mean  - I see how it can be profitable, and currently, I'm profitable trading bitcoin futures with a win rate well above 80%, also in the past, I have been profitable, with the same win rate, but I have always blown up my account. And I have blown it up because of overtrading and overleveraging.

By now I can report about 158% return in about 15 days from 71 trades. These are quite outstanding numbers.

Trading Bitcoin futures

My success lies in small trades or I trade only about 1/10 my account size. I started trading with $10 and was able to grow it to about $80 in just two weeks, for the truth sake I deposited  $10 three times, in total $30, just to avoid forced liquidation, when market was moving against me, and back then I was trading more like 1/4 of trading account. 

50x times margin can give really nice returns on relatively small amounts invested, but they can also blow up really quickly if overleveraged.

Today I received $99 from a new subscriber from…

Easter 2022

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Good times in Georgia or another awesome Easter weekend have been recorded in our tapes. From the windy mountains near Mtskheta, hiking trip near Turtle lake, egg fights in Tbilisi, meeting fellow Latvians at Vake park, and dining near the Bazaleti lake.

Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

Invest in Batumi Real Estate (Buying Black Frame Projects)

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For years I've been against real estate investments, as I have never really understood them, or they have seemed out of the reach because of the high price attached. Instead, I prefer the stock market and bitcoin.

Let's say I invest in what I understand. I cannot say I understand the stock market 100%, even less for cryptocurrencies, but at least I know how to make money out of them

Batumi Real Estate Crypto Investment

Real estate for profit-generating seems - way too complicated to me, and as long you haven't inherited some nice flat in a prime location, I don't see the point in buying it to let it out on Airbnb. By the way, a few weeks ago I met a girl in Tbilisi, she is doing the Airbnb thing in Tbilisi - she said, she can generate 100% return from her investment, which seems outstanding.

Anyhow, back to real estate in Batumi

The real estate market is booming in Batumi, at least for the past 10 years. Back in 2012, we lived in Batumi for about 6 months and I can only assure you, the cityscape has changed dramatically, not very well known areas of the city now…

Road to $6,000 in savings account by the end 2022

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A few years ago I made a broader goal of achieving 1 million dollars in my savings account by the time before I will turn 60 in 2045. 

The plan went well until the Pandemic hit my portfolio in March 2020, later that year I bought an apartment in rural Latvia I really didn't need and spent a lot of my funds there on renovation works.

Also, we have kiddo now, the cost of schooling at an international school here in Tbilisi now cost us about $5,500 per year, but soon will reach $24,000 per anum. 

My investment portfolio has suffered quite a lot, both because of the urgent need for funds and bad investment decisions in the past/ mostly overtrading/ underleveraged. 

Past experience has taught me a good lesson, stay leveraged, don't overtrade! 

I wouldn't say I'm looking to start fresh, as I'm still recovering some positions, but as I have lost focus on investment growth I decided to set one small and kind of easy-to-reach goal for the rest of the year - double my available free capital by the end of the year.…

Diaries from Tbilisi - Bitcoin's Correlation to S&P 500, Teacher's Parent meeting at QSI

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Good evening from Tbilisi!

The day started with a few short positions on Bitcoin, while I was waiting for the stock futures updates from CNBC, visited my hairdresser Katya, got my hair trimmed and straightened. Love it.

The futures market opened and showed kind of a green day ahead, my short positions on Bitcoin got challenged, but I decided to keep them open and see what happens next.

We went to the newly opened Domino DIY shopping mall in the Dighomi area and bought some goodies and tools for Sandra's urban garden in Vake. At 16:00 we had agreed on a teacher-parent meeting at QSI.

Had a lovely conversation with Ms. Nino, and discussed our 3-year olds achievements at school. All is good. Progressing by days.

The stock market opened and Bitcoin gained another 500 points, I kept adding more short positions, but at one moment accidentally placed a buy, instead of a short, took a small loss.

Not sure if sustainable, but for now Bitcoin correlates with SP 500.

Now packing our luggage for tomorrow's train trip to Batumi. 

Bitcoin, Gym, SP 500 and Tbilisi

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Another interesting week has started here in Tbilisi. At the night I woke up I placed a long position on Bitcoin futures at $40,017, later in the morning before going to the gym I noticed Bitcoin in but under $40,000. Once I was at the gym Bitcoin tumbled another 1000 points, and I had a chance to think a lot about liquidity issues.

Post-processed a few photographs and made a short movie about our Easter adventures. 

I know Bitcoin correlates with SPX 500, so I was waiting for the futures market to open and quite frequently refreshed CNBC. during the day Bitcoin bit recovered and I placed a few more trades with a long position. 

At 15:20 left for the QSI school, with Ramaz, our new driver. At the school noticed the Latvian flag was finally raised. Happy Made a selfie with daughter. i have been asking for the flag since mid-January.

Bitcoin recovered a bit more, the stock market opened - I sold one call option on TLRY. As we are planning a trip to Batumi this Wed, I guess I will have a very fun Friday with options.

Life is good! Talk soon,