Few shots from Tbilisi Cheese Festival

Updated: 20 October, 2013 seen 1,739

In these days the second Cheese Festival was held in Tbilisi Open Air Museum. My mom was visiting me in Georgia, and today her plane back home was. We decided to spend last hours together. The weather was not so great. We didn't found much cheese, but we spent a lovely time. Here are few shots I captured with my old Sony DSC camera and…

How to add contact form to Drupal

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So you have your Drupal powered website, but now you are wondering how to add a contact form on that?You are on right place. I'll show how to add a contact form to Drupal. In case you are wondering how contact form looks like, take a look at my contact form, I just created for my blog. Drupal out of box don't came with contact…

How to display popular content Drupal

Updated: 19 October, 2013 seen 2,745

Ever wondered how to display popular content from your Drupal powered site, either via Drupal blocks, either as seperate page? On picture above you can see most popular blog posts on my blog 15:05:01 2013-10-16. How to get this done? Part 1 - Core modulesYou will need to enable Drupal core module - Statistics: …

Georgia 10 years after Rose Revolution

Updated: 18 October, 2013 seen 1,254

In 2014 will be already 10 years since Rose Revolution events happened here in Tbilisi, Georgia.As we probably already know, after Rose Revolution - Mikheil Saakasvhilli took power in country, by being elected as President of Georgia. On October 27th again will be elections here in Georgia, and new president will be elected. I have…

Drupal sitemap for Google Webmasters

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Previously I already wrote about How to register site for Google Webmasters, at the end of that post I promised to write about sitemap for Drupal.If you are runing Drupal powered site, it's smart to have a sitemap file to sumbit it to Google Webmasters. Step by step guide:Download XML Sitemap module for DrupalExtract it to sites/all…

Estonia to catch up Scandinavia in next 10-15 years

Updated: 17 October, 2013 seen 3,063

I have red some interesting article on Estonian Public Broadcasting (news.err.ee) in which  professor of economics, at Tartu University, Raul Eamets predicts that it will take 10-15 years for Estonian incomes to catch up with those of Nordic countries.  Income level is not the same as GDP, but knowing GDP we can tell something about…

Week #2 of blogging 365 days in a row

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On October 3rd, 2013, I started a blog contest for myself - Can you blog 365 days in a row.Today is already 2nd week of my blogging expierence.In second week, I continued to use "cheat" tactic, by publishing posts in future dates. That works ok. I found out that posts I write to publish in future dates are more from - How stuff…

How to register site for Google Webmaster

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Google Webmaster is tool from Google, which provides great usability for site admins to see how site "looks" on Google.But how to register for Google Webmasters?Easy:Go to google.com/webmasters, click Sign in to Webmaster Tools, next click Add a site ,box will popup with option to enter your site URL, enter it and click continue.By…

Armenia, then, now - future

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Recently I wrote an article about Georgia, then, now - future, this time I would like to write about Armenia. Landlocked land, with huge economic problems, ongoing conflicts with neighboring Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karbakh region. A country that plans to enter Eurasian Union on January 1st, 2014.   Let's start with some basic chart: As…

Few shots from Samgori, Tbilisi

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Samgori is a district in Tbilisi, which is connected to city center by metro. Samgori is rarely visited by tourists Here are few shots taken in August/September 2013.