Friends Hub village Guest house review in Vazisubani

Updated: 28 June, 2022 seen 24

Friends Hub village guesthouse is located in Vazisubani, near Gurjaani in the region of Kakheti, Georgia, some 2-hour drive from Tbilisi. Oskars, the host, invited me to visit his new place at the start of May 2022. After a few stops at McDonald's, Sighanghi, and Bodbe monastery we finally reached Vazisubani, where we were greeted with…

Top 10 Laptops with Backlit keyboard 2022

Updated: 27 June, 2022 seen 69

A neat feature a laptop can have is a backlit keyboard. In 2022 the chance of finding a laptop with a backlit keyboard is more possible when looking at HP, Dell, or Lenovo laptops Keep reading to learn more about top 10 best selling laptops with Backlit Keyboard on Amazon A quick note: This article contains affiliate links to…

How To Tile Kitchen / hallway floor

Updated: 24 June, 2022 seen 64

The time had finally come and I was ready to tile the kitchen and hallway floors at our Vilgale apartment. A year ago I would say  - no way I'm going to do it myself, but here you go, I did it all on my own, with some research on Youtube and a lot of encouragement from friends who have done it. As it is in our Tbilisi apartment - I…

Tbilisi Rent to Sublet on Airbnb - Part 1

Updated: 23 June, 2022 seen 87

This is the topic I first encountered many many years ago, well actually back in these days it was more about buying a property in Tbilisi and renting it out with the option of selling the property in a few years with profit.  Throughout the years I've been contacted by investors from all around the world (literally from Italy to…

New Investment Project - Summer House with Garden in Latvia

Updated: 22 June, 2022 seen 94

Welcome to another interesting project in the home remodeling series. - summer house with a garden in SouthWest Latvia. It turns out this is already the third, ongoing home remodeling project featured on the blog. Exciting. This is the project my fiancee actually bought, without first seeing it - the price seemed very good, not to take…

Pearl of Tbilisi - Gardenia Shevardnadze Flower Garden

Updated: 21 June, 2022 seen 71

Gardenia Shevardnadze is a lovely flower garden in Tbilisi, where you can buy seedlings for your yard, balcony, terrace, home, or office.  The place is popular among photographers, tourists, gardeners, and enjoyers of life. After visiting this place so many times, while living in Georgia, I wouldn't hesitate to call this place a Pearl of…

Top 7 Aluminum Chassis / Body laptops 2022

Updated: 20 June, 2022 seen 706

In today's article, I've listed the TOP 7 bestselling aluminum chassis laptops on Amazon in 2022 Most Aluminum chassis laptops come with the price attached and nowadays there are both traditional, touchscreen, and of course gaming laptops surrounded by metallic cases. Even some of the Chromebooks are available in aluminum chassis. Top 20…

Hiking Likani, Sunday school Rustavi

Updated: 17 June, 2022 seen 41

Another awesome weekend in Georgia 🇬🇪- with some elements of offroad riding, hiking, camping, horseback riding near Likani station, and a few skulls at Green monastery Saturday. Back to Rustavi scout center for a lovely Sunday with fellow Latvians.  Our last weekend trip with VW Touareg. 

Minimum Wages in European Union 2022

Updated: 16 June, 2022 seen 2,132

In 2022 there were 21  out of 27 European Union member states with an official minimum wage set by the government. Turns out this is already the eighth (#9) article about minimum wages in European Union featured on the blog. To keep it up, here is the raw data for minimum wages across European Union in 2022. Please don't judge too hard,…

Buying a property in Georgia (Dedoplistskaro)

Updated: 15 June, 2022 seen 111

Dedoplistskaro is a small town in Kakheti, Georgia with a population of about 6,000. Distance to Tbilisi about 130 km, about 2 hour drive.  I first had an idea of buying a house in Dedoplitskaro a few years ago, back then I was researching the whole of Georgia and Dedoplitskaro stayed the top of the list because the buying price seemed…