First month since I started this blog, has passed already. I'm willing to share some results of my first month of blogging.

In total I have posted 66 posts in month of October.

According to Google Analytics, the top 10 most read posts in October:

Few shots from Tbilisi Cheese Festival

October 20, 2013 1,726
In these days the second Cheese Festival was held in Tbilisi Open Air Museum. My mom was visiting me in Georgia, and today her plane...

Estonia to catch up Scandinavia in next

October 17, 2013 3,035
I have red some interesting article on Estonian Public Broadcasting ( in which  professor of economics, at Tartu...

Georgia 10 years after Rose Revolution

October 18, 2013 1,246
In 2014 will be already 10 years since Rose Revolution events happened here in Tbilisi, Georgia.As we probably already know, after Rose...

Autumn in Borjomi

October 13, 2013 5,437
Borjomi altogether with Samtskhe - Javakheti region are among my Top destinations in Republic of Georgia. I have spent here countless...

CIS, Baltics and Georgia GDP 2018

October 29, 2013 2,416
Recently I wrote an article about CIS, Baltic states and Georgia GDP 2012. Now I'm willing to take a look in future, and to see what might...

Upgrading Drupal 7 (minor upgrade)

October 29, 2013 1,231
Recently I started a tutorial series, how to upgrade Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 (major upgrade), but today I faced a problem, which involved a...

Will Ukraine go default 2014?

October 14, 2013 1,407
Previously I have created few charts displaying Ukraine's GDP since collapse of Soviet Union, and compared Ukraine vs Poland by GDP. In...

Armenia, then, now - future

October 16, 2013 1,713
Recently I wrote an article about Georgia, then, now - future, this time I would like to write about Armenia. Landlocked land, with huge...

Presidential Elections in Georgia

October 13, 2013 710
On October 27th in Georgia will be held presidental Elections. As foreigner living in Georgia, I'm not into politics much. I know something...

Few shots from Samgori, Tbilisi

October 16, 2013 1,910
Samgori is a district in Tbilisi, which is connected to city center by metro. Samgori is rarely visited by tourists Here are few shots...

Now let's see how many visitors I have attracted last month:


In total I had 39 unique visitors last month. Since I went online just October 10th, this is not showing full month, but still, it gives a clear insight. Is it much? Definitely not! Is it bad? Definitely not!

It just shows, that in average by posting a lot of content doesn't mean anything (yet). The site is very young. It has Page rank N/A. I haven't used much social sharing. In overall 39 unique users for personal blog, in first month, is ok.

What about future? Any forecasts?

Definitely. Statistics without forecast, ain't any statistics,right? I have thought a lot about statistics, how much I want.. There is no clear answer. I have overall expectation to reach 6000 unique visitors by the end of October 2014, but I have no clue, where I'll end up to next year.

Speaking of closer future - In November, I'm looking to get 150-200 unique visitors. I have decided this month to give a try to Twitter, and I'm planing to attract some twitter referrals this month.

Lets speak about Blog statistics in next month again.