Former Archaeological Museum Building in Tbilisi

Former Archeological Museum Building in Tbilisi is a great example of the Soviet architecture in Georgia.

I had a chance to discover this place and explore surrounding area, first time in February 2017, thanks to the Tbilisi Soviet Architecure tours organized by Brutal Tours: See: Brutal Tours - Explore Soviet Georgian Architecture in Tbilisi

​The museum was established in 1988 by the well-known Georgian archeologist, head of the Tbilisi archeological expedition, Rostom Abramishvili (1924-1996). The museum housed monuments, discovered by the archeological excavations in Tbilisi. The chronological frames of the collections were from the V c. B.C. up to the feudal times. In the museum was kept the earliest in the world samples of tinned bronze objects from the Delisi (Tbilisi district) dwelling, dated as 4.000 years old; bronze buckle inlayed with silver decorated with horse rider image; inventory of the Treli royal burials (XII-VIII-VII c.c. B.C.)

Museum is not operational in 2017

Former Archeological Museum Building in Tbilisi

Former Archeological Museum Building in Tbilisi

This place was a great discovery to me, I enjoyed it a lot, and I will definitely return here more often. It would be awesome to make a HDR golden hour photography here, or maybe a star trail photography, might come up with really bizarre photos.

View towards Tbilisi from the former Archaeological museum hill

View towards Tbilisi from the former Archeological museum hill

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