Hotel reviews

As a family we travel quite frequently, our stays ranges from the hostel, mid-class, boutique, and ending high-end 5-star luxury hotels. 

Zur Morschbach Hotel Review in Altlay, Germany


I booked this hotel in Altlay because of it's close location to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, cheap price and free parking.   I had like only 10 minutes for hotel research back in the Linden town. I was hoping to use hotwire for selecting a fine hotel near airport area, but unfortunately hotwire this time didn't served any hotel in a reasonable distance here. So my next move was I didn't paid much attention of overall hotel interior as I already said - location, parking and cheap price…

Hotel 'Golden Tulip Parkstad - Kerkrade- Heerlen - Aken' Review


Once in The Netherlands one (perhaps you) should stay at the Dutch brand hotel - Golden Tulip. OK, it's actually owned by a French investment group - Groupe de Louvre, but Duthc brand sound more interesting right? Tulips, Netherlands... Golden Tulip... Although this was not my first time staying overnight in Netherlands, it was my first time staying overnight at the Golden Tulip brand hotel. The location for this hotel was nothing fancy, just some small town let somewhere south in the…

Bastion Hotel Dusseldorf Neuss Review


We ended our first day in Germany at hotel Bastion located in a small town called Neuss close to a larger Dusseldorf. I must admit we had a problems to find this location, but it was my fault not hotels. I didn't know how to enter address on our rental cars navigation system, so we did have a drive "on blind". After a several stops at gas stations and asking for a correct directions to Jagenbergstraße we find this hotel. We lost around 3 hours, but it was even a bit fun. Anyway back to the…

15 Best Recommended Hotels in Girona, Spain on (Close to Cathedral; Price Range EUR 50 - 100)


Last autumn I made a week long trip to Spain, region of Catalonia, after landing at Barcelona El Prat Airport, we took our car from rental company and went straight to Girona. You can read more about my first impressions of Girona, but here is a quick tip - major tourist attractions in Girona are: Girona Cathedral and Jewish Quarter.  Back then we stayed at Hotel Gran Hotel, which actually is pretty good bet, but I decided to list another great Girona hotels and apartments.  Depending on your…

Hotel Shamo Gudauri Review


Hotel Shamo in Gudauri actually is a very cosy guest house located close to Gudauri (in Kumlistsikhe village) not far from ski-lifts. I first stayed at this hotel back in April, 2011, then again at the end of 2011, and finally we stayed here during our recent visit to Gudauri. The default price per person at Hotel Shamo are about $50 per night. 2 meals (breakfast and supper) are included in price. Also a free transfer to and from ski-lifts as well. Guests staying at Hotel Shamo can receive…