Statistics about Georgian airports

Recently I expressed my joy about Kutaisi Airport. Today I found interesting statistics on Georgian Civil Aviation Agency's webpage. Statistics about numbers of passengers served in Georgian airports 2010-2012.

Right now - there are 4 airports in Georgia, which we have data for:

Lets start with total number of passengers served in all Georgian airports 2010- 2012:


According to data available on GCAA website, Georgian airports in 2012 had ~ 16% passenger growth.

Now lets see, how each airports has performed:

Tbilisi International Airport 2010-2012

Kutaisi International airport 2010-2012

Batumi International Airport 2010-2012

Mestia Airport 2010-2012

As seen from charts above, all airports, except Mestia airport, has increased passenger growth rate during period 2010-2012. 

My future forecasts is that Kutaisi airport will became second largest soon, this or next year, by outperforming Batumi airport. Why such confidence? In 6 month period (Jan-Jully, 2013) Kutaisi airport has served already 141 844 passengers, and they are adding more flights to and from Kutaisi in future.

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