Dividend Paying Stocks - Review After 3 Months of Investing in Nasdaq Baltics

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It was around the end of April 2017, when I started to diversify off from investments in peer to peer lending only.

As at one stage my savings were heavily concentrated at mintos.com consumer loans only. Investments in dividend paying stocks at Nasdaq Baltics was my second thought. Now, after 3 months of investing there, I will share some brief recap and observations there.

In general I look on savings in stocks as more stable and reliable source than peer to peer lending in long term, that's way I've put about 47% from my savings in stocks, as of written this article I've stock investments in the Nasdaq Baltics only

Investment portfolio as of July 2017

Investment portfolio as of July 2017

Currently stocks holds 47% in my portfolio, followed by peer to peer lending (43.2%), mutual funds (6.4%), investments in crypto currencies (2.6%) and small amount of cash (0.8%)

There have been some changes in my portfolio, during past two months - I've added new investment position - crypto currencies and I've started to allocate some space for cash savings. Though the largest additions have been into stocks, if compared with May, stock size have increased from 25% to 47%, and peer to peer lending have decreased from 69.2% to 43.2%. Which feels better diversified portfolio.

For the future I'm looking to increase my investments in stocks at around 60%. It would be good to have at least 5% in cash, 10% mutual funds, 5% crypto currencies, leaving peer to peer lending  with about 30% in my portfolio

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During the past months, I have bought stocks from 9 companies, in 3 Baltic countries, I keep a separate Google Spreadsheet to track any changes and add new positions, see: Simple Google Spreadsheet to Track Stock Portfolio Changes Using GOOGLEFINANCE, here I'm pasting out simplified table:

Dividend paying stocks in Nasdaq Baltics 2017

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I've invested EUR 2,859.55 in 9 stocks during past three months.The total stock portfolio value gain is 8.28% with dividends included (3.52% without dividends)

That's pretty serious growth for just 3 month long investment.

Name Ticker Price Shares Cost basis Market value Value gain Dividend Total Gain
        Invested 2,964.00   2017  
Tallina Vesi TVEAT 12.60 15 195.00 189.00 -3.17% 7.29 0.66%
Zemaitiojos Pienas ZMP1L 1.86 200 298 372.00 19.89% 17 30.54%
Ekspress group EEG1T 1.30 200 270 260.00 -3.85% 10.8 0.30%
Latvijas Gaze GZE1R 9.30 55 510.95 511.50 0.11% 46.03 9.12%
Latvijas Kugnieciba LSC1R 0.71 10 4.1 7.10 42.25%   73.17%
Nordecon NCN1T 1.30 200 278 260.00 -6.92% 8.1 -3.56%
Olympic entertainment group OEG1T 1.87 200 360 374.00 3.74% 18 8.89%
SAF Tehnika SAF1R 5.51 50 202.5 275.50 26.50%   36.05%
Silvano Fashion Group SFG1T 2.66 140 406 372.40 -9.02% 25.2 -2.07%
AMG1L AMBER GRID AMG1L 1.37 250 335 342.50 2.19%   2.24%
  Total   1320 2,859.55 2,964.00 3.52% 132.42 8.28%

Zemaitijos Pienas (30.54%) and SAF Tehnika (36.05%) have been the best performing stocks in my portfolio by now. 

Top dividend yields I've got from: Latvijas Gāze (9.01%), Silvano Fashion Group (6.21%), Zematijos Pienas (5.70%) and Olympic Entertainment Group (5%).

As you can see, there are plenty of stocks with dividend yield higher than 5% (that's the reason I like Nasdaq Baltics).

In total I've received in dividends after tax EUR 132.42. 

Currently, there are two stocks with a negative value gain - Nordecon and Silvano Fashion Group. I know for sure why there is a negative return right now with Silvano Fashion group - I bought it for very high price, just a few days before dividend record date, after dividend was paid out the price dropped a lot, now it is bouncing back.

Speaking of Nordecon, I'm seeing there negative returns since the day one I bought it. There are some options what should I do next with Nordecon - I could do nothing and keep holding it or I could buy more shares for discounted price or I should get rid of it. 

Right now I'm looking to keep it until the start of next year, and then decide (most probably I will buy more shares if price will be discounted)

The rest is just amazing - plain returns, in total 8.28% (value gain + dividend payment)

Investments by country

Investments by country

Estonian stocks make the majority from my investments in the Baltics (50%), followed by Latvia (20%) and Lithuania (20%)

Future plans

I plan to invest additional about EUR 1500-2000 in Nasdaq Baltics for this year. Right now I'm looking to acquire Olainfarm, probably some EUR 550 will go for Olainfarm stock. Speaking of rest, currently I cannot see new additions (in month of August), but I will keep a close eye to Nasdaq Baltic Dividend calendar, and will try to buy stocks promising dividend payouts this year.