Easy Weekend trip to Kakehti in Georgia

Updated: 18 January, 2022 seen 273

This is a short recap of our travels to the region of Kakheti in September 2017.

I've got many times asked this question - what's the best time to visit Georgia? In short - it depends.

Among the many reasons to visit Georgia, I would recommend it during the rtveli time (grape harvesting) around September, see: Grape Harvest Rtveli in Georgia (Region of Kakheti)

As for this trip, we took a driver from Tbilisi (Book your driver here), headed to Chateau Eniseli, and for the rest, see itinerary below. 


Akhali (New) Shuamta Monastery Complex

21 December, 2015 | seen 1,107
If you are traveling to the region of Kakheti in Georgia and your road is leading through the Telavi town, there are a few interesting tourist sites to visit and one of them is monastery complex Akhali Shuamta.  We arrived to this site…

Alaverdi Monastery in Georgia

16 September, 2017 | seen 479
Alaverdi Monastery is a Georgian Eastern Orthodox monastery located 25 km from Akhmeta, in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia. While parts of the monastery date back to 6th century, the present-day cathedral was built in the 11th…

Matsoni House

20 September, 2017 | seen 335
Matsoni is a Georgian fermented milk product, kind of similar to yogurt. Made from cow’s milk. Now, there is even a Matsoni House, where some (probably you) can try this product served with honey or nuts and so on. There is even an ice…

Restaurant by Plane Tree / Telavi

5 May, 2019 | seen 129
Restaurant by Plane Tree in Telavi is located next to the Giant Plane Tree. Because of a touristic spot, prices at this restaurant is well above the average, though the food is delicious. Restaurant by Plane Tree Cucumber/tomato salads

Chateau Eniseli

11 May, 2019 | seen 131
We booked a stay at Chateau Eniseli back in September 2017. During our stay here we had a great opportunity to enjoy the rtveli or grape harvesting, see: Grape Harvest Rtveli in Georgia (Region of Kakheti) Wine cellar at Chateau Eniseli…

Nekresi Monastery Complex in Georgia

19 April, 2014 | seen 3,455
Nekresi once was a town in Kakheti, Georgia. Nowadays Nekresi is a monastery complex located high up in the hill offering breathtaking views to surrounding plateau, not to mention that monastery complex is really interesting by it self. …

Lopota lake Resort & Spa

30 May, 2017 | seen 857
Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is ideal for those seeking a peaceful place to rest. Your personal piece of paradise is located in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia, surrounded by the famous Caucasus mountains, just 2 hours drive from…

Grape Harvest Rtveli in Georgia (Region of Kakheti)

19 September, 2017 | seen 561
If there is the best time to visit lovely Georgia, I would highly recommend to visit it in September, during the grape harvest time, or Rtveli.  Rtveli is a traditional vintage and rural harvest holiday in Georgia accompanied by feasts,…

Wine Tunnel Near Kvareli in Georgia (Winery Khareba)

4 January, 2016 | seen 4,216
Wine Tunnel owned by a winery Khareba is located close to the town of Kvareli, in region of Kakheti, republic of Georgia. It features not only exotic manmade tunnel built in the rocks, but it also has a large territory offering interesting…

Rebi Gurjaani Restaurant

19 May, 2019 | seen 139
Rebi Gurjaani is a restaurant located in Gurjaani, we discovered back in September 2017, while returning from a weekend trip to Kakheti back to Tbilisi. Seems Rebi Gurjaani is not only a restaurant but also a hotel. In case you are…