Restaurant reviews

Since I'm living in the lovely Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus, you will find a lot of Tbilisi restaurants reviewed here. Alternatively, you should check out my food blogger posts on preparing food at home.

Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You in Gori

30 June, 2019 seen 310
Now besides hostel in Tbilisi, Latvians have a cafe in Gori Latvian - Georgian Cafe 4You is located on Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 34, Gori.  Opened for the public in 2018, this place serves pastry, cakes and a huge menu of a different kind…

Batumi McDonald's

11 June, 2019 seen 489
The coolest McDonald's building probably is located in Georgian seaside town Batumi. Officially opened for public already back in 2013, this place has been featured in countless architecture award magazines across the World. Named as the …

Grill Bar Lighthouse Jūrmala

29 May, 2019 seen 237
Grill bar Lighthouse is centrally located on Jomas street in Jūrmala.  We visited this place in early May 2019, during a short  10 day trip to Latvia. Before diving in details - I should note - grill bar Lighthouse is a kid-friendly place…

Rebi Gurjaani Restaurant

19 May, 2019 seen 184
Rebi Gurjaani is a restaurant located in Gurjaani, we discovered back in September 2017, while returning from a weekend trip to Kakheti back to Tbilisi. Seems Rebi Gurjaani is not only a restaurant but also a hotel. In case you are…

Cabo Cafe

12 May, 2019 seen 138
Cabo cafe is a cafe with a unique charm, located in Mežaparks, on the very shore of lake Ķīšezers. Cabo cafe serves burgers, french fries, and delicious shashlik. First discovered by a recommendation from a friend. Now visited pretty…

Restaurant by Plane Tree / Telavi

5 May, 2019 seen 143
Restaurant by Plane Tree in Telavi is located next to the Giant Plane Tree. Because of a touristic spot, prices at this restaurant is well above the average, though the food is delicious. Restaurant by Plane Tree Cucumber/tomato salads

Restaurant Antre Batono Ubisa

30 April, 2019 seen 286
Restaurant Antre Batono Ubisa is located near the Ubisa village in the region of Imereti, Georgia some 170 km from Tbilisi. We made a stop here and discovered this lovely place, while traveled to Batumi via Tbilisi - Senaki - Leselidze …

Restaurant Marani in Vertkvichala

29 April, 2019 seen 149
Restaurant Marani Vertkvichala is located near the village Vertkvichala on Tbilisi - Senaki - Leselidze highway some 160 km from Tbilisi in the Imereti region of Georgia. We stopped here for a brief stop to take a meal and have some rest…

Hofbrau Munchen Gudauri

25 April, 2019 seen 260
Hofbrau Munchen Gudauri is a roadside cafeteria located in Georgia (some 20 km from Gudauri) I'm not very well familiar with Hofbrau Munchen brand but seems this is a popular German brewery brand in Germany and abroad, the one located on…

Restaurant 'Piano" in Liepāja

20 April, 2019 seen 110
The 'Piano' is a World class restaurant located in Promenade hotel in Liepāja Enjoy delicious meals and a romantic, relaxed atmosphere at "Piano" restaurant located in "Promenade Hotel".  I first discovered and tried Piano restaurant back…