Three Year Blog Anniversary

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On October 10th, we are celebrating already third blog anniversary of What have started as a simple experiment have turned out to be a successful business venture.

It's just amazing how fast time can fly, it feels just yesterday I wrote an article on second blog anniversary and day before yesterday I wrote summary for the first blogging anniversary, and just last week I launched this blog. Three years, three freaking years. Amazing and scary.

If I launched my blog from my Cozy Tbilisi apartment, reviews for the first and second year reviews I wrote from the same apartments (just different rooms), then now I'm finishing an article at Riga international airport, waiting for my flight back home to Tbilisi. That's actually strange, because most of my articles I produce either back in Tbilisi or at our lovely country house - see home remodeling. I don't like to write or even think about blogging when on travels - and I have developed a nice cheat - scheduled posts. Unfortunately I'm missing a post on October 10th, and double bad is - that's a blog's birthday. So here you go:

I started this blog thing with a simple goal - To blog 365 consecutive days and when I launched I was looking to reach about 6,000 monthly users by the end of my first blogging year. The fact is, after 365 days of consecutive blogging I reached just 3,364 monthly users (September 2014), what was about just above of half of my goal. Now, three years later I can proudly report - I have reached pretty serious 60,000 unique users per month.

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2016

Blog traffic October 2013 - October 2016 (Data source: Google Analytics)

In past three years blog have attracted about 840,000 users and generated more than 1,2 million page views.

In past three years I have written in total 1,429 articles, now looking trough the archives - I feel a little bit embarrassed about the oldest - as I feel my writing and formatting skill have developed tremendously over the years. On the other hand I found myself being pretty lazy and not polishing my articles to perfect diamonds yet. This is the thing I'm planning to work more in future - to write more in depths articles.

For the past three years I have been writing every single day - that's more than 1000 days not missing an article (Ok, I missed two days back in 2014 actually)  - consecutive writing have been my corner strategy. This has some good sides and negative sides. Positive - I have kept writing and developed a pretty busy blog. Negative - I don't pay enough attention for every single piece I put on paper, producing a lot, but sometimes missing a quality. I don't plan to abandon my consecutive blogging every day strategy for the next year, but I'm thinking to go for less, thus more detailed articles in future. I could limit my self to five articles per week in future.

During past three years I have been blogging on many,completely different topics, as a blogger I understand I should focus on fewer topics and develop a niche blog. I will review my topic selection and will start working on this soon. Basically it means following, there are topics with higher demand and there are topics with less to no demand. Obliviously I will go for higher ones in future. 

I would say - after three years of blogging I have entered into the consolidation mode - working on what works, and getting rid of what doesn't. 

That said - thank you for being with me, commenting, sharing and liking my articles. You, are the best reader I could even imagine. It's time to catch that plain and see that wall I missed all the Summer along.