15 places and things to do in Georgia I have discovered in 2014

Updated: 18 January, 2022 seen 3,120

No, you won't find here visit to Narikala fortress or Sameba church, you will learn that I have discovered Tbilisi Botanical garden instead.

Drinking wine? Well - not this year!

36 Reasons to Visit Georgia and Tbilisi

What about rafting with a crazy instructor from Ukraine? Or a ride to Tbilisi sea at +40° . Something romantic? - how about a ride on an aerial tram in Batumi to watch the sunset in the Black Sea? Something tasty? Italian ice cream at Luca Polare. Something unusual? - A dairy farm in Tbilisi suburbs. 

I have been living in Georgia for already 4 years - and this country never ends surprising me.

I decided to create a blog post of 15 interesting places and activities to do in Georgia I have discovered just in 2014.


Tbilisi Botanical Garden

5 March, 2014 | seen 7,627
Tbilisi Botanical garden is located at the foothills of the Narikala fortress in the city center of Tbilisi. The National Botanical Garden of Georgia occupies the area of 161 hectares and possesses a collection of over 4,500 taxonomic…

Father's David church, Mtatsminda pantheon and other

7 April, 2014 | seen 3,242
What to do in weekends when in Tbilisi? Grab your camera, and make some scenic views. This time - photos from Tbilisi, taken in April 5th, 2014, visiting Mama Daviti church, Mtatsminda pantheon and other.

Nekresi Monastery Complex in Georgia

19 April, 2014 | seen 3,473
Nekresi once was a town in Kakheti, Georgia. Nowadays Nekresi is a monastery complex located high up in the hill offering breathtaking views to surrounding plateau, not to mention that monastery complex is really interesting by it self. …

Lisi Lake in Tbilisi (Georgia)

20 April, 2014 | seen 2,375
Lisi lake is a popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Some will find a lazy walk around lake while others will enjoy a mountain biking here. I prefer both. As well I like here capturing spectacular views using my DSLR camera. You can get to…

Gremi monastery complex in Georgia

20 April, 2014 | seen 1,715
Another very interesting tourist attraction in Kakheti close to Kvareli - Meet the Gremi Monastery complex. Features rich history and very spectacular views.  For the first time I visited Gremi monastery complex back in 2014, when we…

Hotel Royal Batoni, Kvareli, Kakheti, Georgia

3 May, 2014 | seen 2,749
One of the most interesting hotels I have stayed last time. Located in the footsteps of surrounding mountains next to Ilias lake, which offers some recreation opportunities, in heart of Georgia, Kakheti, Kvareli. We stayed here at Easter…

Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi

4 May, 2014 | seen 3,815
Bagrati Cathedral probably is among the most iconic site to visit in Georgia, and it should be a must have on your travel list if you have been in those parts of Georgia (Kutaisi). If you are traveling to or from Kutaisi International…

Sataplia cave in Georgia

2 June, 2014 | seen 6,553
Sataplia cave together with Prometheus cave are one of the main tourist sights around Kutaisi town, in Republic of Georgia. I first visited Sataplia cave at the end of May 2014, when my father for the first time visited me in Georgia. I…

Batumi Aerial Tram

2 June, 2014 | seen 2,246
One of the must have tourist attractions in Batumi is an aerial tram (cable car) ride. Built back in 2012 these gondolas will take you in a 2,5 km long route at maximum elevation of 252 meters. During you ride you will enjoy breathtaking…

Cycling to Tbilisi sea and back

14 June, 2014 | seen 1,909
Today was a great Saturday, we took our bikes and rode to Tbilisi sea and back. It was all day long (more than four hours) fun experience in very hot Summer day in Georgia. Total distance: 16.9 km, Climb: 213 m, Time: 4.30h, Feelings:…

Rafting in Georgia - Khertvisi - Aspindza - Borjomi

14 July, 2014 | seen 4,574
Some time ago we find some offer on Facebook offering rafting tour in Georgia for 2 days - on Mtkvari river. Tour included raft, safety wests, oars, overnight in tents. It sounded pretty good, and we decided to claim this offer. Said -…

Luca Polare - One Of The Best Ice Creams In Tbilisi

17 August, 2014 | seen 6,652
I have decided to start a new post series - Tbilisi restaurants. As you might already know I'm an expat living in Georgia (Tbilisi).  I'm a huge lover of restaurants and coffee shops, and since living in Georgia I have came even a bigger…

Villa Likani Review

25 August, 2014 | seen 1,500
The other day was damned hot in Tbilisi, and we decided to take a minibus to head to Borjomi (temperature there is significantly cooler than in Tbilisi). Said - done. In matter of few hours we were at Borjomi National Park eating barbecue…

New Asia - Tbilisi Restaurant Review

18 September, 2014 | seen 2,126
New Asia is a Chinese restaurant located in Tbilisi on Griboedov street (just next to Rustaveli Avenue). The idea to visit this Chinese restaurant came spontaneous... you see - khinkali, khachapuri or barbecue... there are times you get…

"Piena Ceļš Georgia" - Visit of Dairy Farm

6 December, 2014 | seen 1,823
In my childhood there was a time I lived in countryside next to a cattle farm. They had around 100 cows and as for a child in a village were nothing else interesting is happening I spent pretty much time with cows though I never have…