Tbilisi for kids (17 Places to Visit)

Updated: 18 January, 2022 seen 1,553

Shopping, eating ice cream, spending time outdoors or at cool amusement parks.

Tbilisi has a lot to offer for both grownups and their offsprings. Keep reading to find more about 17 kid-friendly places in Tbilisi

April 1st marks already the eighth anniversary since I've been living in Georgia. It was back on April 1st, 2011 I first put my foot on holy Georgian land.

During the past eight years, I've traveled across Georgia a lot, built a popular Tbilisi restaurants guide, documented my travels across the country, and so on. Also, I have become a father, and have switched the regular places I hang out to more kid-friendly places

To celebrate this little anniversary, I've decided to share 17 kid-friendly places in Tbilisi


Tbilisi Botanical Garden

5 March, 2014 | seen 7,480
Tbilisi Botanical garden is located at the foothills of the Narikala fortress in the city center of Tbilisi. The National Botanical Garden of Georgia occupies the area of 161 hectares and possesses a collection of over 4,500 taxonomic…

Lisi Lake in Tbilisi (Georgia)

20 April, 2014 | seen 2,322
Lisi lake is a popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Some will find a lazy walk around lake while others will enjoy a mountain biking here. I prefer both. As well I like here capturing spectacular views using my DSLR camera. You can get to…

Luca Polare - One Of The Best Ice Creams In Tbilisi

17 August, 2014 | seen 6,612
I have decided to start a new post series - Tbilisi restaurants. As you might already know I'm an expat living in Georgia (Tbilisi).  I'm a huge lover of restaurants and coffee shops, and since living in Georgia I have came even a bigger…

Shopping in Georgia: Tbilisi Mall

14 December, 2014 | seen 15,629
Though I have been living in Georgia for 3 and a half years, I have never talked much about shopping in Georgia or Tbilisi. Starting today I decided to change that. My first recommendation for those who are looking for shopping fun in…

Neighborhoods of Tbilisi - Abanotubani

6 February, 2015 | seen 7,713
Abanotubani is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Tbilisi. It's famous of its public sulfur baths, and very spectacular views. I believe Tbilisi Sulphur bath district is one of the most iconic Tbilisi sights. Personally I doubt…

Tbilisi Hippodrome Near Lisi Lake (Jockey Club)

9 March, 2015 | seen 3,656
After a longer break of my cycling advetures, on a lovely Saturday morning we took our bikes and headed to Lisi Lake. Turned out that just a few hundred meters away from Lisi Lake there is located a place called 'Tbilisi Hippodrom LTD' -…

The Bridge Of Peace In Tbilisi

8 April, 2015 | seen 5,201
The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi is a pedestrian bridge and one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. It connects district of Tbilisi Old Town with Rike Park over a river of Mtkvari. This bridge is relatively young, it was opened for…

Rike Park In Tbilisi

17 April, 2015 | seen 2,691
Rike park is a landscaped territory located close to the Tbilisi Old Town. You can enter Rike park either crossing the pedestrian bridge of Peace or from the opposite side using stairways from the Avlabari district. There is an aerial tram…

Tbilisi Aerial Tram

20 April, 2015 | seen 4,613
Tbilisi aerial tram is just in recent years built cable cars in Tbilisi connecting Rike Park (or more precisely Europe Square) to the fortress of Narikala. It eases your travel up to the  Narikala fortress in huge. Prior to this cable car…

East Point Shopping Mall in Tbilisi

25 December, 2015 | seen 2,980
There is a new and modern shopping center recently built and opened for public in Tbilisi. Meet East Point. Located in suburbs of Varketili (neighborhood of Tbilisi) next to Kakheti highway on the road to Tbilisi Airport. More than 150…

Turtle lake in Tbilisi

7 February, 2016 | seen 1,626
Turtle lake is a direct English translation of Kus Tba (Georgian: კუს ტბა), a small lake at the outskirts of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, so named due to the perceived abundance of turtles living in these places. Those of you who have…

The Gabriadze Theater in Tbilisi

10 February, 2016 | seen 1,548
Though modest in size, The Gabriadze Theater is among the world’s preeminent cultural institutions. Presenting mature puppet performances full of depth and meaning, it has gained the respect and recognition of international audiences and…

Tbilisi Zoo

19 March, 2016 | seen 593
Tbilisi has many cool tourist attraction sites, but there is one, which is rarely mentioned in official guides or Tbilisi reviews - meet the hidden pearl of nations capital - Tbilisi Zoo. On the other hand worldwide coverage Tbilisi Zoo…

Vake Park in Tbilisi

25 March, 2016 | seen 1,032
Vake park is popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Opened for public since 1946, it was built in the former wastelands. Designed by architect K. Dgebuadze and dendrologist N. Tsitsishvili a lot of work on the drainage and landscaping with…

Narikala Fortress

9 April, 2016 | seen 2,273
Ask anybody in Georgia - what are the must have tourist sites to visit while in Tbilisi. Narikala fortress will be a top of the list. And there is a good reason -  an ancient fortress, featuring rich history, overlooking Tbilisi, with some…

The Chronicle of Georgia, Monument Near Tbilisi Sea

15 April, 2017 | seen 5,968
The Chronicle of Georgia, also called History Memorial of Georgia is one of the hidden gems of Tbilisi. Not at all a popular tourist spot, but definitely one of the impressive sites I have discovered lately. Located near the Tbilisi sea (…

Mtatsminda Park in Tbilisi

13 October, 2018 | seen 617
Mtatsminda Park is an amusement facility located atop on Mount Mtatsminda on a 770-meter height overlooking the Georgian capital Tbilisi.  It is the highest point in Tbilisi. Located on more than 100 hectares. Park has more than 100 years…

Gino Paradise Water Park in Tbilisi

16 November, 2019 | seen 1,093
Gino Paradise is a multifunctional water park located in Tbilisi near Tbilisi sea. At the complex, there is located a grand aqua park and unique relaxation wellness center, fitness hall and catering objects. Gino Paradise is one of the…