Restaurant reviews

Since I'm living in the lovely Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus, you will find a lot of Tbilisi restaurants reviewed here. Alternatively, you should check out my food blogger posts on preparing food at home.

Strada Mosashvili near Vake Park


Strada is a chain of restaurants in Tbilisi, serving contemporary American and Asian cuisine, created by an international team of chefs.  We love coming here for a glass of wine, meatballs, seabass, or tom yum soup.  Located on Mosashvili street 11 in lively Vake neighbourhood close to the Vake park, Strada seems is a popular choice among lcoals…

Khedi Restaurant Tbilisi


In today's article, I am excited to announce the resumption of my restaurant reviews series, with a special focus on Tbilisi restaurants. I recently discovered a trendy restaurant called Khedi on Ketevan Samebuli avenue, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you. On a rainy day in early April, my partner and I were searching for a decent…

Dumas Restaurant Tbilisi / Axis Tower


Dumas is a French Restaurant with a Southern European accent, located on the 36th floor of the landmark Axis Tower in Tbilisi. Looking to impress your date, business partner, or simply good coffee - Dumas restaurant is the way to go. Named after the famous French writer Alexander Dumas, the restaurant offers guests an authentic food and beverage…

Coffeeshop Company Tbilisi


Coffeeshop Company is located on Mosashvili street 11 in Tbilisi and despite the interesting name - they actually serve nice brunch menus here and of course some coffee.  Discovered by chance, when looking for brunch menus. As this place is located close to my partner's office in Vake, I think we might return here more frequently for brunch and…

Cafe Somersēta in Aglona


Cafe Somersēta is located on Somersētas street in Aglona town, the region of Latgale in Latvia. We discovered this place by a chance shortly before visiting the famous catholic cathedral in Aglona. It seems the place is very popular among tourists, as during our meal time here, we mostly met tourists from all over the World. Well, we visited this…

Coffee shop KUUP, Rēzekne


Kuup coffee shop is a chic place in Rēzekne, which offers coffee roasted in Latgale.  We found this place by a chance, thanks to TripAdvisor when searching for top restaurants in Rēzekne. We arrived here for some 40km from Varakļāni, just to have our morning coffee.  Pastry, coffee and sandwiches. Kuup has its own coffee roastery, they sell both…

Cafe Papes Vēji


Cafe Papes Vēji is a summer cafe located next to the Pape channel in Western Latvia near the Pape Lighthouse. This place serves traditional Latvian cuisine, and cold beer and some can buy smoked fish (apparently in the season) I have been fond of this area for a few years already and first discovered this cafe about a year ago, now in Summer…

Summer Cafe Kazbārs in Kazdanga


  Summer café-bar “Kazbārs” is located next to the watermill in the heart of the scenic park of Kazdanga. This place serves freshly ground coffee, Italian dessert affogato, refreshing soft ice cream (including vegan options), cold live beer, and vegan soups.  Place is run by energetic couple from Riga, if you will be happy enough you could…

Cafe Pāvilostas Enkurs


Cafe Pāvilostas Enkurs is located on Dzinstaru street 69 in Latvian Summer Capital Pavilosta. they serve fish and chips, pizza, and traditional Latvian cold soup here.  One of the best fish and chips I've tried in Latvia Seems like a popular place in Pāvilosta, many tourists Give it a try once in Pavilosta

Goldigen Room Artisan Pizza In Kuldiga


Welcome to another Kuldīga Restaurant review - today I will write about a lovely pizza place located just in heart of Kuldīga town - Goldingen Room Artisan Pizza. The family restaurant Goldingen room, located in the heart of the old town of Kuldiga – Town Hall Square, is a story about the taste and mood of Italy. The restaurant offers to discover…