Restaurant reviews

Since I'm living in the lovely Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus, you will find a lot of Tbilisi restaurants reviewed here. Alternatively, you should check out my food blogger posts on preparing food at home.

Villa Park Gori


If there is a reason to visit Gori in Georgia, then a visit to Villa Park Gori restaurant in Georgia would be at the top of my priorities. Villa Park Gori is an elite-class restaurant in Gori, with comfortable spaces and a variety of dishes. Located on Tskhinvali highway a few kilometers out of the Gori town. My friend David took us here at the end of January 2022 Tasty Georgian and European cuisine. Live music. English speaking staff. Awesome. We spent here a few hours drinking red wine…

Restaurant at Georgia Gold Hotel in Gori


Georgia Gold is a 4-star hotel located just in the heart of Gori, Georgia. Seems this place has been opened to the public just recently.  Anyhow, we didn't stay here for a night, but come for a breakfast and got some of the most delicious ones.  We stayed overnight in Gori at another,  Royal house hotel, but in the morning decided to check out early and look for some fancy breakfast place. I remembered about this place and here we come. We were greated by English speaking and very firendly…

Pshavi's Champions Natakhtari Restaurant


Pshavi's Champions is another awesome roadside restaurant located in the village of Natakhari (Gudauri highway) We love coming to this area for dinner and have discovered already a few Natakhtari restaurants so far. We were jsut returned from Sri Lanka trip and were looking for some nice dinning place - that show we ended up at Pshavi's Champions place. Turns out Pshavi Champions is a chain of restaurants Khashi's House and Pshavi Champions is a chain of restaurants that first appeared on…

How to Order Online Delivery Food in Yerevan, Even if You Don't Understand a Word in Armenian (


This article might be outdated, some of the mentioned companies might be out of the market, as the article was originally written back in 2014/2016. Now in 2022, there are food delivery apps, and much works much smoother, but I still find it valuable to publish this story because of the geeky tutorial. This trick we first tried back in 2014, when stayed for a few nights at boutique hotel Meg in Yerevan.  The next time I tried the following method was in 2016, I ordered online delivery food to…

Restaurant Lakeside Tskaltubo


Restaurant Lakeside is located in the town of Tskaltubo, Georgia on the lake Tsivi. First discovered and visited at the start of September 2021 In the evening life music was performed. Really chill atmosphere. Food was good.

Nīcava restaurant


Restaurant Nīcava is located in Nīca town, Latvia. some 230 km from the nation's capital Riga, sandwiched between Liepāja and Jūrmalciems. We paid here a short stop in mid-July 2021, while traveling to the Pape beach Turns out there is both a motel/guest house and a restaurant. Restaurant here serves typical Latvian cuisine.  Quite a nice place. We enjoyed here something from the grill menu and a few drinks.

Salty Garden Tavern in Mlashe


Salty Garden Tavern is an awesome place located in Mlashe village, some 60 km from the nation's capital Tbilisi near the Bazaleti lake We discovered this place at the end of May 2021 and were surprised to learn that the owner of the tavern - David speaks some Latvian. Mlashe village Our mission is to support the development of our village Mlashe, protection of its ecosystem. Salty Garden provides working places to local people, therefore they won’t leave the village in search of the other…

Restaurant Chiko near Aspindza


Restaurant Chiko near Apsindza is one of our best discoveries lately here in Georgia, the restaurant no only offers amazing and spectacular views but it also serves tasty cuisine for a very very affordable prices. First discovered in June 2021, when returning from Vardzia cave town, we made a stop here because of spectacular views and I really wanted to have a good cappuccino. I got both + more. The view that attracted After seeing this views when passing by, we decided to take a stop here…

Admiral Fish Restaurant near Birtvisi / Algeti


Admiral Fish restaurant is located near Birtvisi canyon literally on Algeti river. We discovered this place a few years ago while hiking at Birtvisi canyon and have returned ever since, They have both a restaurant and fish farm on site, the place seems is run by Russian/Ukrainian business people. Here you can get a wide variety of fish food and caviar. It's said they deliver to Tbilisi fish also. Admiral Fish restaurant There is a place for parking, a kid's corner, restrooms, and really…

Zaķu krogs near Jūrkalne


Zaķu krogs is both a restaurant a hotel located near Jūrkalne in Latvia. We discovered this place while driving around Užava, Pāvilosta, and decided to take here a quick stop to order some food for our toddler girl.  Just later I learned there is a hotel also located. Zaķu krogs near Jūrkalne Located in Jūrkalne, Zaku Krogs is about 0.9 mi yards away from a Baltic Sea beach. It offers basic rooms with a work desk. Free private parking is available, and free Wi-Fi is available in public…