Sri Lanka

Wicked Blog Statistics - 0.3% Visitors From Sri Lanka

October 26, 2017
This will be one of the fun blog posts - about blog statistics or more precisely about my blog's popularity in Sri Lanka. Did I just say popularity? I was just joking. In past 4 years, there have been about 6,155 sessions to this blog from Sri Lanka. That's roughly about 0.30% from total sessions, according to...

Top 13 5-star hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka

August 20, 2017
Planing our holiday season for this year we booked a plane tickets to Colombo, Sri Lanka.  We are looking to spend about 2 weeks in Sri Lanka, with Colombo just as the first stop for couple of days. As we have up to 10 hour flight planned, and city's airport (Bandaranaike International Airport) is...

Sri Lanka Trip Planning - Obtain Visa Online - Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

August 19, 2017
Planing our holiday season for 2017/2018, we decided to travel to Sri Lanka, a country in continent, neither me nor my partner, never have been before. This should be one of the most epic trips and many cool photo stories to be developed on this blog. For traveling to Sri Lanka (Colombo) we bought Qatar Airways...