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Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, book author and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.

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Top 20 Laptops with 32GB RAM (Gaming / Business)

32GB RAM laptops are not rare nowadays, though not as popular as less RAM enabled models, because of the higher price, they do find their audience among gaming enthusiasts and business users HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and Asus are the brands to choose from when looking for a 32GB RAM laptop For a better gaming performance or high-end business use expect to spend at least $1,000 up to $3.000 Keep reading to find out TOP 20 laptops with 32 GB RAM…

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One Day in Istanbul

Istanbul has been on my travel map ever since I remember (Okay, I first were here back in 2009). Time after time we like to take layover flight via Istanbul, and so did happen last time, at the end of February 2020 - we booked a connected flight Tbilisi - Istanbul - Riga with Turkish Airlines so we have a chance to spend at least a day in Istanbul After taking a hammam in our centrally located Istanbul hotel (Best Point Hotel Old City Istanbul…


How To Transfer USD to GEL (and many other currencies) Using TransferWise

In March 2020, GEL/USD exchange rates dropped to 1 USD = GEL 3.4 (I still remember days, when rates were 1 USD, equaled 1.74 GEL). Most of the banks (if not all) act as market makers or they buy low and sell high. A normal business practice. If GEL/USD value drops to 3.4 GEL for 1 USD, there is no guarantee you are going to keep 340 GEL when exchanging 100 USD. Today I decided to test - is it possible to use Transfer Wise to transfer funds…

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Snowy day in Tbilisi

On the morning of March 17, 2020, snow surprised us here in Tbilisi. While sipping morning coffee I decided to grab a camera and take a few shots for the history.  As it has been a while since my latest update from the Living in Georgia series I found this photo story a great way to illustrate how we spent a day, while in self-quarantine because of the Covid19 virus.  Documenting winter in Georgia has been a tradition of this blog, see …

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Best Point Hotel Old City Istanbul (Sultanahmet)

Located in the Old City of Istanbul, this hotel is within walking distance to Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace. Best Point Hotel Old City offers air-conditioned rooms. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel. We booked here a one night stay at the end of February 2020, during a layover flight from Tbilisi via Istanbul to Riga. We booked a family room which included a really comfy bed (s) and even a private hammam (Turkish sauna…

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National Library of Latvia

The National Library of Latvia, also known as Castle of Light is located on Mūkusalas iela 3, Riga - on the left side of river Daugava, opposite to Old Riga The current building was designed in 1989 by noted Latvian-American architect Gunnar Birkerts (1925-2017), who emigrated to the United States and made his career there. It was constructed in the early 21st century and opened in 2014. Today the Library plays an important role in the…

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Drunk Cherry Gudauri Restaurant

Drunk Cherry is a stylish restaurant located in Gudauri next to the GoodAura ski-left (New Gudauri ski resort) Discovered during a weekend trip to Gudauri. And I should say I was really impressed. The food, service, and even the prices are as if you were in some of the best Tbilisi restaurants. Warm and cosy even on the coldest days. We promise fast and friendly service and a unique atmosphere. We order here some hot-wine, soup harcho,…

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Surviving Bear Market - Margin Call

I once read that an investor can call himself a pro after he/she has survived at least 3 bear markets. I just survived one. At least I hope so. In fact, from my short active investor's career, I feel this is already my second bear market, with first happening back in December 2018, March 2020 market was scared from Covid-19, Trump travel Ban for EU citizens, Russia- Saudi oil war. Panic, real panic. It took about 3 weeks from all-time highs at…

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Condohotel 'GVC 217' New Gudauri

GVC 217 is a condo/aparthotel located in the New Gudauri ski resort, some 120 km from the nation's capital Tbilisi. We booked here a weekend (2-night stay) in January 2019 and paid $138 for that. Despite we booked via they accepted only cash. As I later learned owners of this condo have a travel company in Georgia, mostly specializing on incoming tours across Georgia for Russian speaking tourists - G-V-C or Georgian Voyage Company…

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Launching Semi-Passive Income Portfolio for my Mom

For the last 3 years, I've been actively building my own,  my kid's and just recently I started my partner's fund, now there is one more people I care whose financial situation should be taken care of - my mom. She just turned 60, there are still 5 years until her retirement age. It's neither much nor little. 5 years is a timeframe I'm looking to build a semi-sustainable "pension fund" to generate income in the level of average pension in…

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February 2020 Dividend Income Report - $251.15

Welcome to the thirty-fourth (#34) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks and peer to peer lending in February 2020. Last February we spent both in Georgia and Latvia, with a small stop to Istanbul, Turkey (layover flight). Our daughter has started to visit English preschool in Tbilisi and now she is really fast picking up new things and words. Amazing.  Latvian National Library in Riga They have a…

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