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Back To College Outlet Deals For Laptops And Tablets

Online Shopping 31 August, 2015 seen 800
Either you are a freshman or returning to your college you might end looking to have a brand new laptop / tablet. And you might find useful this list featuring 10 outlet deals for a student budget friendly laptops and tablets on Amazon.…

First Thoughts on Plus500 Trading Platform

Investments 30 August, 2015 seen 868
Please note I'm a Premium Plus 500 Affiliate member and by clicking on links in this post leading to plus500 website I might earn some affiliate income from that. (Learn more about Privacy Policy) Your capital is at risk.  Long time has…

Privatbank Offers Check Redemption in Latvia

Random thoughts 29 August, 2015 seen 919
When it comes down to bank check redemption it's always a struggle to find a bank (at least in Europe) which offers such service. You may find my discoveries of finding a reliable bank in Republic of Georgia, when at the end I found Bank…

How To Start A Blog And Make It Successful

Blogging 28 August, 2015 seen 1,121
Update: I have created a resources page, where you should check for further updates. This page will not be updated anymore. In this blogging advice series, I will cover topics on how to start a blog and make it successful. In this post I…

FotoJet - Free Online Collage Maker

Web development 27 August, 2015 seen 1,235
Time after time I like to review some great services available out there in the wide world web, for example some time ago I did find a great online service I'm using to create handcrafted head pictures for my blog - that service I'm…

Lux Express - One Of The Best Options To Travel Between Riga and Tallinn

Railway / Bus / Ferry 26 August, 2015 seen 2,009
At the start of this August I traveled to Estonian capital city Tallinn from Riga (Latvia) to celebrate my birthday and I had a few options to choose on how to actually get there - like, car, coach (bus) or plane (I believe there is a rail…

Another day without a blog post

Random thoughts 25 August, 2015 seen 503
Doing home remodeling takes it all. I havent prepared any blog post for today. - The New Way To Design Your Home

Home Remodeling 24 August, 2015 seen 1,329
Since April this year I have been into home remodeling process, you can meet what we got at this post, in short future I will start posting any actual progress after some 4 months of hard work doing home remodeling, starting  - moving…

First Commission From Linode's Referral Program

Blogging 23 August, 2015 seen 844
Recently I got my first earnings from Linode's referral program. I wouldn't probably mention this on my blog, but since some time ago I wrote a little bit about fact that there is actually an affiliate program for Linode's users and I got…

Gretna - Small Town Close To New Orleans, Louisiana

Travel guides 22 August, 2015 seen 840
We arrived at Gretna, Louisiana back in Summer 2013, just before the July 4th celebrations, and we actually stayed at this small town close to New Orleans a week or something, just for one plain reason - accommodation here is much cheaper…